Can't create a SSH session by Keys Auth with openssh, becoming crazy

Here is what I did:client: => generated 2 keys with ssh-keygen -t rsa=> sent to server (with scp) and put it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keysServer: in /etc/ssh/shd_config:=> uncommented AuthorizedKeysFile %h/.ssh/authorized_keys=> PasswordAuthentication no=> UsePAM noAnd I restarted the server: service sshd restartProblem: when I try to connect "ssh user@IP_Server -v" and after I've put my passphrase.I get the following logs:Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/id_rsa':debug3: sign_and_send_pubkey: RSA SHA256:HMjzNl/zNrs...3m6SYDQ64ZoHeL6k...Read more

ssh keys - How to get GitKraken feature working - "Use local SSH agent"

In briefWhat is the proper way to set SSH keys in GitKraken to work with different git github/bitbucket repos?Full detailsThe feature is snapshot as below in GitKraken preference.When I check Use local SSH agent, git pull/push/... commands stop working. Using git command from console works normally for me.Currently I have to uncheck it, and select the ssh key I want to use which is quite tiring when working with multiple git repo providers.My google search and search on our site result litle helpful, so I asked here....Read more

Using SSH keys inside docker container

I have an app that executes various fun stuff with Git (like running git clone & git push) and I'm trying to docker-ize it.I'm running into an issue though where I need to be able to add an SSH key to the container for the container 'user' to use.I tried copying it into /root/.ssh/, changing $HOME, creating a git ssh wrapper, and still no luck. Here is the Dockerfile for reference:#DOCKER-VERSION 0.3.4 from ubuntu:12.04 RU...Read more

ssh keys - Enabling rsync with ssh keygen and no password

I would like to setup a rsync a folder inside /etc, I followed this link and created one user added in visudo and then with ssh keygen, transferred the public key to remote machine, but still its asking for password. Any other way would be recommended. Thanks....Read more

sshd - SSH public keys not recognized - tried several fixes

Contextpublic key SSH was working. I use xpra for gui access. (machine in another room, headless)I was attempting to get docker container apps with gui's working. I finally did. Next day public key authentication failed. Password authentication worksonly command I used for docker guis was xhostI have tried the followingreset home, .ssh, .ssh files permissions on both client and serverre-copied public keys to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on serverrestarted sshd multiple timesre-added keys to ssh-agent on clientchecked client .ssh/config filechecked se...Read more

amazon ec2 - Can I use my ssh-public-key to decrypt a file?

I'm trying to find a way to decrypt an encrypted file on a 'virgin' EC2-instance. These EC-instances I use (Ubuntu Lucid) only hold my AWS-created public ssh-key. If can use this to decrypt a file, I can feed it encrypted files (for example a bash-script holding a password to my subversion-repository).So, my question, can I use my ssh-key to encrypt/decrypt a file?...Read more

Paramiko: Verifying and permanently adding SSH host key

With Paramiko, one can set up a SSH key callback like this:def someCallbackFunction(client, hostname, key): ...client = SSHClient()client.load_system_host_keys()client.set_missing_host_key_policy(someCallbackFunction) # <--client.connect(...)The callback gets the SSH client instance, the hostname and a paramiko.RSAKey instance as parameters and must return if the key is accepted, or raise an exception otherwise.How can I verify the SSH key with the provided parameters? For example, how can I get the RSA fingerprint so that the user can co...Read more

Windows 10 SSH keys

I am having a really hard time getting my SSH keys up and running after installing Windows 10. Normal method is create it and throw it in the user's account under .ssh. This folder does not appear to be available in Windows 10.Anyone else run into this? I need to have 3 SSH keys for different repos and this is really holding me up....Read more

ssh keys - sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed: agent refused operation (ePass2003)

Configuring SSH Keys from ePass2003 to access servers. I have a guest ubuntu 16.04 on VirtualBox, i am able to SSH server 1 from VM but while SSH to server 2 from server 1, getting below error.debug3: authmethod_is_enabled publickeydebug1: Next authentication method: publickeydebug1: Offering RSA public key: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opensc-pkcs11.sodebug3: send_pubkey_testdebug3: send packet: type 50debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for replydebug3: receive packet: type 60debug1: Server accepts key: pkalg rsa-sha2-512 blen 279debug2: in...Read more

Satis - specify SSH key to git server

I have a satis.json file specified like so:{ "name": "My organizations Satis Server", "homepage": "", "repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "", "options": { "ssh2": { "username": "git", "pubkey_file": "/config/", "privkey_file": "/config/private-key" } } }, ...I then try to get satis to update by...Read more

Failure to authenticate SSH keys

I'm in the process of setting up a virtual server via Amazon AWS. I followed their tutorial regarding setting up a Linux based virtual server on OS X. Everything goes well until I get to the .ssh pair key file. I download AWS's key as a .pem file. It saves as a .pem.txt file. Which seems odd from what I'm reading. So, I duplicate and change the extension to .pem only. Then I go to copy the file from downloads to the ~/.ssh folder and get no problems using cp ~/Downloads/FileName.pem ~/.ssh. When I try to use chmod 400 to adjust the sec...Read more

ssh-keys generation issue for dynamic-ip changing workstations for Gitolite usage

I want to use Gitolite for Git access control.My question is on ssh keygen for dynamic IP changing workstations. So, do I need to generate ssh keys every time whenever my IP changes. This going to be tedious work for all developers as they use laptops and they need to generate keys and push to Gitolite repo. Is there any workaround or some other solutions for this ssh public keys generation problem for Gitolite use?...Read more