wsd - WS Discovery vs. SSDP - Pros and Cons

I am facing an issue with the SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) to discover the devices on the same local network but on different subnets.Can I do that to discover the devices that are on the different subnets with the WSD (Web Service Discovery) method?What are the differences between SSDP and WSD?...Read more

SSDP protocol - implementation

I am trying to implement SSDP protocol, but I am not sure how exactly it works. SSDP sends data over udp, that is clear. If controller connects to network it can search for devices with MSEARCH message, which can be send to multicast address Every device has to listen to this address and respond. But I don't know how they responds. I see in wireshark that they responds with unicast but I don't know how to determine port which receives responds.EDIT---------------I am trying to write ssdp fuzzer with spike fuzzing framework...Read more