beaches - Almeria Spain beach season

We sometimes go for a beach holiday in the province of Almeria Spain and we always have a good time. However, we have only previously been in August or September. We are considering going in March or April. Will it be very busy at that time of year or very quiet? Although, such places can be too crowded, they are also less fun if they are too empty....Read more

spain - On which Canary island is it possible to sleep on the beach?

We are planning a two-night trip to the Canary Islands. The cheapest options include Lanzarote and Las Palmas for flights. Travel dates are last week of November, so I guess weather should be okay. I have never been to these islands. I'd like to sleep on the beach in a tent or mattresses. Is that possible, safety, legality, and weather? It would also be nice to know how populated with tourists the islands are....Read more

spain - Spanish Court ruling on working remotely

Recently, some Spanish consulates have been telling applicants for a "non-lucrative" visa that their income cannot be from any job, not even telecommuting for a non-Spanish company.Someone posted in a Facebook group an English summary of a Spanish Court ruling that contradicts this. I've asked four times there for a link to the (official) Spanish ruling, but no luck.I find searching for Spanish law on the BOE site difficult. Matter of opinion whether that's due to the site design or to my limitations with the language. Update: Just discovere...Read more

tours - Where can I visit the mussel grow locations in Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain?

I would like to visit by boat where the mussels are grown in Rías Baixas. I have searched but I can only find boat trips where you hear the story and eat mussels. I would actually like to visit the place and see the ropes with mussels. I know it's possible but I don't know the company that does this or even the area where/city to look it up.If it's around Vigo it would be a plus....Read more

spain - What is this statue about in the throne room Royal Palace Madrid?

Recently I visited the Royal Palace in Madrid and in the throne room I saw a statue of what appeared to be a man holding up a small child, about to strike him with an open palm. I'm very curious as to what the this statue is about. I was unable to photograph the statue as taking photos is forbidden in the palace although I managed to find an image of it on Google, the statue is by the door at the back of the photo.and a closeup...Read more

spain - How has Catalonia ended up being so nationalist?

I mean I cannot comprehend how the separatist sentiment has risen so much in just a little more than 40 years (considering that when Franco died nationalism did exist, but nowhere near where it's now in intensity). I think that a pair of news that show how far this has gone are this one or this one or this one. Which are the main reasons this has gone so far considering events from that 40 years?...Read more

How do I book a taxi ride in Spain?

I am arriving in Malaga, Spain, on 22nd of Sep. My destination is a small resort 100km away from Malaga. After some research on Google map, there is no train or bus that can take us from Malaga. It seems driving is the only way.How does Taxi work in Spain?Where I can book a taxi ride on line? To my knowledge, there is no Uber in Spain.Does a taxi driver have the right to reject me? (It may sound ridiculous, but based on my cultural background, I have met a number of taxi drivers that refused to take me in)Do I need to tip the driver once we get...Read more

spain - What was the name of the Ottoman-Spanish truce in 1580?

As I'm reading the history of the Western Mediterranean about this period, I found many references to a truce between the Ottomans and Habsburg Spain in 1580.For example, Wikipedia - Habsburg Spain: Philip lacked the resources to fight both the Netherlands and the Ottoman Empire at the same time, and the stalemate in the Mediterranean continued until Spain agreed to a truce in 1580.Ottoman Algeria After Spain had sent an embassy to Constantinople in 1578 to negotiate a truce, leading to a formal peace in August 1580, the Regency of Algier...Read more

sleeping - What is the overnight wait room situation in bigger rail stations in Spain (Madrid and Valencia)?

I'm currently building my itinerary for crossing Spain by land (need to get to Almeria) and the better train connections I found unfortunately arrive to their transit destinations (Madrid Chamartín or Valencia Joaquín Sorolla) at midnight with the connecting train leaving in the morning (8am-ish). I'm travelling on a tight budget so getting a hotel for those few hours is not really an option.What waiting room facilities are available at of those rail stations? I'd really love to avoid sandwiching an anxious 8 hour wait in the middle of a train ...Read more

Is there a reliable compilation of ATM fees in Spain or elsewhere?

A web search for ATM fees in Spain gets lots of hits, but the vast majority provide two inconsistent false claims. One is that the fee is charged by my (US) bank, not by the bank that owns the ATM. My bank reimburses all ATM fees, and the fees I've seen vary according to the bank owning the ATM. And the fees at a particular bank are the same no matter which of my banks I use a card from.The other claim is that EU prohibits ATM fees. If this is not false, then most of the Spanish banks are getting away with ignoring it.Anyway, I know that ib...Read more