space flight - Did Yuri Gagarin end up in critical condition after coming back to Earth due to the missing magnetic field?

My friend's mother is about to undergo some treatment in magnetic field therapy for osteoarthritis and he is trying to verify if this is useful as claimed, or if this has any harmful effects. The website of their institution claims that: In Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight to space, he returned in near critical condition after only one hour and forty-eight minutes in space. Clearly, there was some vital element missing in space that we receive on earth. Yuri had plenty of food, water and oxygen and since the flight was less than 2 hours, he ...Read more

space flight - Was Opportunity's last message to Earth "My battery is low and it's getting dark"?

On February 13 2019, NASA announced that Opportunity - a Mars rover launched in 2003 with an intended longevity of three months - was likely to be dead.In the wake of this event, and the outpouring of emotion it triggered, I've seen the following claim widely disseminated on social media:Source: Facebook page of author Morgan S HazelwoodSource of similar claims:ABC7NewsIndia TodayThis blog article: Last June as the dust storm descended upon Opportunity, the rover’s last message essentially said “my battery is low, and it’s getting very dark.”T...Read more

space flight - Has Virgin Galactic flown any tourists yet

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post this question in or but today I heard from a friend for the first time that Virgin Galactic has already flown the first tourists into space this year.After searching for sometime I have not been able to find any sources to confirm this information. The only thing I've been able to find is that it's planning to take "astronauts" before Christmas this year and by astronauts they actually mean test pilots.The most relevant article I have been ab...Read more

space flight - Is the Worldview or any other satellite series going to provide global daily coverage at 30 centimetre resolution?

A report broadcast on the TV BBC News Channel on 2018-11-01 at approximately 20:55 GMT (not available online) claims that soon, satellites will provide "daily 30 centimetre resolution global coverage". The report was made in an item on counting whales. I don't doubt that we can count whales from space if we're clever or lucky enough to point our best satellite instruments at the right spot at the right time, but global daily coverage at such a resolution would need a huge number of satellites and generate a truly huge amount of data — it does...Read more

space flight - Does SpaceX charge the US government more than European customers?

In an interview with the magazine "Der Spiegel" the CEO of the Ariane group Alain Charmeau makes the following statement: Entschuldigung, aber das stimmt nicht. Man sollte sich fragen, warum SpaceX der US-Regierung pro Start 100 Millionen Dollar in Rechnung stellt, Starts für europäische Kunden aber viel billiger anbietet. Warum machen die das? [...] Sie machen das, um Europa aus dem Weltraum zu kicken. Und die Öffentlichkeit und unsere Politiker sollten das wissen. Es geht um die Frage, ob Europa auch morgen noch im Weltraum aktiv ist. ...Read more

space flight - Has NASA discovered a possible "warp-like" drive using the EmDrive?

A number of stories have been breaking on the internet from various sources (e.g. The Escapist, Sputnik News, The Daily Galaxy, IFL Science! etc.) with claims along the following from The Escapist, Skip ahead to this month, where we have a propulsion device that somehow produces microwaves to generate thrust. According to posts on, someone at NASA wondered where the thrust came from and used a tool to measure variances in light's path-time. What this tool recorded is that when lasers are fired through the EmDrive's res...Read more