space exploration - Sci-fi Short Story Help -- Surprise Ending -- H. Beam Piper?

OK: Sci-fi short story, remembered from an anthology, H. Beam Piper-esque, I'm 64 so could be old.A ship of human scientists with a small security contingent land on an earth-like planet. Ancient ruins with architecture possibly indicates near-human stature; residual radiation, rocket strikes? Advised by Security to avoid current animal-like residents, who do not seem to be civilized -- can't be caught for study, tremendously long throwing arms with deadly accuracy and thus avoided, no evidence of speech, language, any communication other than...Read more

space exploration - Looking for a movie about a contaminated spaceship travelling to an 'Earth like' planet

There is a ship traveling through space looking for a new earth type planet. No one on board realizes it is a space ship, they believe they are living in a subterranean area hundreds of levels below a contaminated surface. No one is allowed to go up to a higher level for fear of releasing further contamination.The ship has traveled for many generations, books were banned and reading became banned as well. The main character has been taught to read by his father who has been taught by generations of his family. There is a secret hoard of read...Read more

space exploration - What were the lights that Leslie Gillis saw in the book Coyote?

In Allen Steele's book Coyote, Leslie Gillis sees some strange lights on his way to Coyote. He concludes from their motion that they are spaceships moving in the opposite direction to Alabama but is it ever explained where those ships came from or if they reached Earth? Given the time it can't have been Glorious Destiny or any of it's sister ships.Is it explained anywhere in the book or any of its sequels?...Read more

In a utopian society, why would people still want to explore space?

In the year 2569, earth has advanced far beyond anyone in the pasts farthest dreams. Robots do all of the work, so people can choose either to not work or get a fulfilling career that they enjoy. Since they have 3D printers and whatnot, all items are insanely cheap, a spaceship with the capability to travel faster than light cost about the same as a Gerald Ford class aircraft carrier. Humans have made contact with about 90 other species, and interstellar highways of sorts connect them to each other.Humans are pretty much immortal, as their bra...Read more