soapui - Element not allowed: node@

I am getting the following error, when I add a SOAP UI schema validation for as part of the assertions in SOAP UI:Element not allowed: node@ in element Header@ anyone please give me a clue why this is failing? And how to fix that?XML validated:<soap:Envelope xmlns:ns0="urn:xeu:flux-transport:v1" xmlns:soap=""><soap:Header><soap:node datetime="2018-02-02T10:31:08.006Z">ABC</soap:processingNode></s...Read more

jython - How to submit SOAP request in The Grinder

The grinder uses jython as it's primary scripting language.I need to test some web services that only have soap interfaces.I have not been able to find a way to get this to work. I'm new to The Grinder, and although they have a sample script showing use of XmlRpcClient, even this example errors out stating "Import Error: No module named apache"...Read more

soap - Distributed Testing of WSSE Webservice Calls

For an application, I need to do a load test for a web service which is secured with WS-Security Username/Password. We need to test for 5000 concurrent unique users which call the web service at the same time.I did some research for a tool which provides the ability to do this and I found Grinder, JMeter, and SOAPUI.I like the Grinder approach of using scripts, but I am not sure if I can use WSSE Username token with Grinder. My idea is to write 5000 Scripts (or better: Write a tool which writes me 5000 scripts ;) ) and distribute it to the Amaz...Read more

xsd - SOAP-body auto generated namespace

I have to do some support on a single-function SOAP webservice, and I am failing to understand a specific aspect of the WSDL file & the resulting SOAP request as generated by SoapUI.The WSDL for this service specifies a targetNamespace in the definitions part (targetNamespace="tetra-river-common-types/trafficinfo").If I load the WSDL file into SoapUI, it reads everything perfectly fine; no issues at all with any of the definitions. The types for this service are defined in a single external schema file with the following definition in the W...Read more

soap - Received$httpinputstream as response while calling service which is unable to process

I'm developing workflow application in Apache camelBusiness Use case:Service is exposed at consumer endpointProcessing with request message Call external SOAP Service, get the responsecheck particular tag in response xml and then only call another external SOAP ServiceReturn the final response to client Now I got stuck in step 4 My camel Route is<camelContext xmlns=""> <route streamCache="true"> <from uri="cxf:bean:proxyEndpoint"/> <process ref="myProcessor"/> ...Read more

soap - Process cxf request with amq

I want to make such a solution: cxf https soap service gets a request and sends it to activemq queue1 service implementation gets message from queue 1, process it and puts to queue 2endpoint gets response from queue 2 and sends response to a clientNow, I came with a kind of a solution but I'm not sure how to process response from activemq and send back as SOAP response. My camel blueprints below. Endpoint blueprint: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <blueprint xmlns="" ...Read more

How to use Camel-SOAP unmarshal

Hi I am trying to use Camel-SOAP component to unmarshal a soap message, sent using MQ.But I can't figure out how to use ServiceInterfaceStrategy required by and SoapJaxbDataFormat I'm using maven-jaxb2-plugin to generated my JAXB beans, using the provieded wsdl, xsd's.What class should I use ?And how do I generate it with maven-jaxb2-plugin ?SoapJaxbDataFormat soap = new SoapJaxbDataFormat("", new ServiceInterfaceStrategy(WHAT_CLASS_TO_USE.class, false));...Read more

How to change SOAP Web service Endpoint URL and WSDL URL in Apache Camel

The requirement is SOAP WSDL Url and Endpoint URL must be different from each other. Im using Apache Camel and Apache CXF below is my blueprint but when i request at port 8043 there is no wsdl there when i change it to 9143 wsdl is there.Need to expose wsdl on url: URL be:<cxf:cxfEndpoint address=" more

Exposing SOAP service using apache Camel and WSDL

I have a WSDL file located under src\main\resources\wsdl\ folder and it is having multiple operations defined within it. My application is running on Weblogic 12C server. I'm trying to expose the SOAP web-service using Apache Cammel (version: 2.18.3) with Java DSL -I have written below code under configuration method of my RouteBuilder class -CxfComponent cxfComponent = new CxfComponent(getContext()); CxfEndpoint serviceEndpoint = new CxfEndpoint("/soap/Manage_Order", cxfComponent); serviceEndpoint.setAddress("http://<IP>:&l...Read more

Mule ESB Flow calling SOAP not working but worked from SOAP UI

Details : I have created on flow in MuleESB which is calling a web-service without any parameter just sending it username, password and token in a property and it is working fine.But the second API I want to post some parameters while calling soap request but I don't know how to use it I tried to pass through set payload but no response.<http:listener-config name="HTTP_Listener_Configuration" host="" port="8081" doc:name="HTTP Listener Configuration"/><http:request-config name="HTTP_Request_Configuration" host="webservicehostadd...Read more

Amazon S3 client based on SOAP

I need a Win client for Amazon S3 that utilizes SOAP protocol for all transactions. As far as I see most solutions are REST based rather than SOAP. Any ideas?EDIT:Just want to clarify: please do not suggest using REST instead. I am perfectly aware of what can or cannot be done with either protocol. So if I ask for this specific solution, there is a reason for that.What I need is a working software for Win platform that utilizes SOAP for Amazon S3, not suggestions how to do my job. Thank you....Read more

soap - JMeter changing my namespace

I'm trying to use JMeter to invoke a RPC/SOAP Web service and when I invoke the service my namespaces are mangled from the actual values to NS1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><wpc:invoke xmlns:wpc=""> <wpc:envelope communicationVersion="5.3"> <wpc:WPCResponseType>asynchronous</wpc:WPCResponseType> <wpc:wpcHeader> <wpc:companyName>mycompany</wpc:companyName> <wpc:wpsUserID>me</wpc:wpsUserID> <wpc:wpcUserID>...Read more

clojure - Does http-kit support SOAP?

I am considering to have a SOAP web service written using Apache Axis2. I can either use the Axis server or pack it as a .war and deploy it to a servlet container. My REST service is running on http-kit. Is it possible to to use http-kit with SOAP or does it support SOAP? Or should I need a separate servlet container like tomcat or Axis2? Thanks.Update: Apache CXF instead of Axis2. I think I cannot use http-kit....Read more

soap - Camel JMS CXF endpoints doesn't create new temp reply queue

I have two CXF endpoints which use JMS as the transport; one is used as a consumer and the second as a producer. Here is a very trimmed down setup.<camelcxf:cxfEndpoint xmlns:i="" id="myInboundEndpoint" endpointName="i:InboundService" serviceName="i:InboundService" address="camel://direct:my-inbound-route" serviceClass="com.InboundService" bus="cxf" wsdlURL="classpath:MET...Read more

soap - WS Policy with Apache CXF 3.0

Trying to implement WS-Policy within WSDL. There is my configurations:WS-Policy within WSDL: <wsp:Policy wsu:Id="Signature"> <wsp:ExactlyOne> <wsp:All> <sp:AsymmetricBinding> <wsp:Policy> <sp:InitiatorToken> <wsp:Policy> <sp:X509Token sp:IncludeToken= " more