snes sega genesis - Did the Hyperscore actually work?

This might have been a UK-only device, but the Hyperscore (by Hasbro) was a cartridge that you plugged your game in to and then inserted into the Super Nintendo or Mega Drive (Genesis).You played a game (e.g. Super Mario World) and got a high score. You then took the speaker from the cartridge and, having dialed a phone number, held the speaker to it and it told the computer on the other end of the phone your score via different tones.All the game scores were then put into a national league and the highest score won a prize. You could check the...Read more

accessories - How to activate the multiplayer feature with the multitap in EA's NHL series on SNES?

I tried last month to use my Super Multitap with games like NHL 96 and NHL 97 to try 4 or 5 player action, but it didn't seem to work. Only 2 player would show up on the team select menu so I thought it was just a myth made by the internet so I gave up.However, I recently stumbled upon this video that shows some 4-player footage at 2:57.Did more youtube research and found this one that clearly shows that 5 player is possible. Did more research and found that NHL 94 is the only one with 5-player support, following years had 4-player max.But stil...Read more

snes - Is it possible to prolong the life of a cartridge battery?

I want to know if there is anything that can be done to a cartridge to prolong the life of the battery inside.For instance, does it consume less battery energy if I delete all game saves from a game while I'm not actively playing it?This is specific to SNES for me, but I guess it should apply equally to other consoles, like NES, GameBoy, etc....Read more

If the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive could be overclocked so easily, why couldn't the SNES?

I discovered quite a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the effectiveness of over-clocking the CPU of Sega Genesis/MasterDrive. The video features games that are known for their intensive rendering procedures such as Flash Back, Pebble Beach Golf and Hard Drivin'. As one might have guessed, the games ran at a much higher fps rate and looked smoother. It also appears that the actual modification of the console is surprisingly simple, involving connecting the clock pin of the 68000 to new crystal. This naturally made me wonder how such beh...Read more

snes - What did the Super FX co-processor do?

The Super FX co-processor was built into games cartridges such as Star Fox, Yoshi's Island and Doom. It was used for sprite transformations in Yoshi's Island and 3D effects in Star Fox and Doom, as well as for rendering polygons.This was a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) processor used in addition to the SNES CPU, which implies that the chip was specialised for certain tasks. As there were fewer instructions, the chip could more easily be optimised for these instructions. What specific tasks was the Super FX designed and used for?...Read more

Can input lag be modeled as a function of controller cable length for SNES?

While playing on my SNES, I almost yanked my controller out of my console due to the cable being so short. I went on Amazon to buy a cable extender, and then started reading on different forums that increasing the length of your controller's cable can introduce a small amount of input lag.Can this lag (in milliseconds) be modeled as a function of cable length (in meters)? If I have a cable that is x meters long, can I predict with reasonable suspicion that the input lag will be y milliseconds? If so, what is this equation/relationship?...Read more

Activating godmode in Super Star Wars for SNES?

I tried entering A A A A X B B B B Y X X X X A Y Y Y Y B like it says, but nothing happens. The below video shows it going to a character select screen afterwards when you start the game, but this doesn't happen to me. I have the controller in port 1 with no controller in port 2. Am I missing something about this?...Read more

Fixing scrambled graphics on SNES console

Whenever I try playing a game on my old SNES console, the graphics come out either scrambled or completely black, but the audio plays correctly, and the controls seem to work just fine. I initially thought the problem was a dirty connector on the game cartridge, but even though cleaning it did remove some dirt, it didn't improve the graphics at all. I have the same problem with each of my game cartridges, although some cartridges come out with worse graphics than the others. I double-checked the connection to the TV, and tried both the RCA c...Read more

Plugging SNES into a new-ish LCD TV

My parents just sent me my old SNES and all the original cables, games, etc., so I'm trying to hook it up to a TV for my wife. I already had tried (and failed) to hook up her SNES to our TVs and just assumed the console was busted, but now I'm not so sure.Here is the list of parts that I have tried (every combination of them I can think of):Two SNES consoles, both first-generation, both thought to be in working condition.Two different models of LCD television, one about 3 yrs old, one about 6 mos old.Two original RF adapters - one from a NES, o...Read more