Creating reminders and alerts with Smartsheet API

I'm wondering how to create new reminders via the Java Smartsheet API. I haven't been able to find anything related to that. I thought it might be in the Row or RowResources class. Here is a quote from the launch of the API claiming that it can be done:"Use the API to automatically trigger events in Smartsheet. Automatically create project sheets or tasks, update and sharedata, or send reminders."Has anyone successfully done this?...Read more

Trying to insert rows with smartsheet-api and php

I am able to update a row easily, but for the life of me can't get a new row inserted.Here's my data:{ "toTop":true, "cells": [ { "columnId": 5830169266022276, "value": true }, { "columnId": 5830169266022276, "value": "New status", "strict": false } ]},{ "toTop":true, "cells": [ { "columnId": 5830169266022276, "value": true }, { "columnId": 5830169266022276, "value": "New status", ...Read more

Error: adding rows with smartsheet API

I can't seem to get a add row(s) to work. I get the following error, but I believe the data is formatted correctly. Thanks in advance!{"errorCode":1008,"message":"Unable to parse request. The following error occurred: Request body must be either a JSON object or JSON array."}POST{sheetId}/rowsContentType=application/json[ { "toBottom" : true, "cells" : [ {"columnId" : "328984295696260", "value" : 888.0}, {"columnId" : 4832583923066756, "value" : 100.0} ] }, { "toBottom" : true, ...Read more

Where to host Smartsheets API code

I am interested in learning to use the Smartsheets API. In the past I created workflows in Google Apps Script, which has a built in IDE that houses the script. Does Smartsheets have something similar? If not, where is a common place to keep your code and have it react to webhooks/events?Regards,Shawn...Read more

Sorting using the Smartsheet API

Python SDK for Smartsheet API (latest versions)Here's the scenario:I have a large (over 3000 rows) sheet. New records are added (at the bottom) in batches (typically 100 - 150 rows at a time). There is a column with an identifier (not an auto-number). We would like to sort on the identifier.This is easy but manual using the GUI. Since it is probable that a large portion of the rows will be affected, I suspect that this sorting may be something that hits or exceeds rate limits when done via the API. Before I invest too much time in developing th...Read more

Insert into smartsheet api dropdown cell with API

I am trying to use the Smartsheet api (Python sdk) to insert values from a text file into individual cells in the Smartsheet. Is it possible to insert a value into a cell with drop downs and choose the desired value of the dropdown (and leave the other options available)? If it's possible the sample code would be much appreciated.To expand with an example...Say I have a text file where one of the values to be inserted is "Fridge" and that word needs to be selected in a cell containing four drop down options: Fridge; Washer; Dryer; Microwave. ...Read more

General question about SmartSheet API and creating a user interface

My company keeps individual employee schedules. Each employee manages their own schedule. Admin,supervisors and project manager have to go to each sheet and look for the information.I need to create a system that allows someone to select a date range and skill set then produce a sheet with the information that matches the criteria. I have installed the Python API and worked through a few tutorials.Now I need to know how to make command buttons, date pickers . . .A quick read of my search results indicates that this is not part of the Smart...Read more

smartsheet api - How to copy data from a report to a sheet?

I'm looking to create a scheduled job to update the existing cell values in a sheet with data from a report. What would be an approach to take using the API?Has anyone done this before? Looking at the docs, I think I would need to:(report) copy cells(sheet) update the existing data from some cells, others have formulas that i wish to retainThanks for any guidance in advance....Read more

Smartsheet comments are not retrieved C#

I am trying to retrieve data from my smartsheet using SmartsheetClient. But when I try to access comments against a row, the comments are null. Following is my code:string accessToken = "accesstokenvalue";long sheetId = 121212221;SmartsheetClient smartSheetClient = new SmartsheetBuilder().SetAccessToken(accessToken).Build();IEnumerable<SheetLevelInclusion> inclusion = new SheetLevelInclusion[] { SheetLevelInclusion.ATTACHMENTS, SheetLevelInclusion.COLUMN_TYPE, SheetLevelInclusion.OBJECT_VALUE, SheetLevelInclusion.ROW_WRITER_INFO, SheetLev...Read more

Automate export of published Smartsheet

I'm trying to automate export of a published Smartsheet. I've seen various API examples, but all of them need {sheetId}. Unfortunately I just have the URL of the published sheet, and no access to the base sheet. Is there a way to do an export to excel programmatically on a published Smartsheet?...Read more

Smartsheet Sheet data limits

What are the current limits of the data contained on a smartsheet, and what is it based on ?I've found some links talking about 5000 records and 500 columns, but I've reached the point with a sheet containing only 1626 rows and 123 columns.What are the exact specifications, and is there any way to override the settings using the api ?...Read more

Smartsheet API response codes with python SDK?

I am using the Smartsheet python SDK to do bulk operations (deletes, updates, etc.) on a Smartsheet. As my process becomes more complex, I've realized that I need to include some internal checks to make sure I am not encountering errors when sending multiple calls per minute as Smartsheet suggests in their API Best Practices.My question is this: How do I access and parse the API responses while using SDK functions such as Sheets.delete_rows()? For instance, some of my requests using this function can trigger status: 500 Internal Server Error wh...Read more

smartsheet api - Created System Column Blank In API Call

I am making REST calls against the Reports API endpoint, and pulling that data into a separate application. I am able to pull all of the report columns with its data, with the exception of the Created (System Column), which always returns nothing/null.To rule out the application being the issue, I used the built in Smartsheet connector in Power BI and am getting the same blank results there.Are there any known limitation about pulling date system columns out of the API?...Read more

smartsheet api - Bulk Operations - Adding multiple rows to sheet

I'm attempting to write data from a data table to a sheet via the smartsheet API (using c# SDK). I have looked at the documentation and I see that it supports bulk operations but I'm struggling with finding an example for that functionality. I've attempted to do a work around and just loop through each record from my source and post that data. //Get column properties (column Id ) for existing smartsheet and add them to List for AddRows parameter //Compare to existing Column names in Data table for capture of related column id ...Read more