Slick2D Particle System - Particles misplaced when first spawned

So I am using the Slick2D particle system for some effects in my game, and it worked pretty good so far. But now I found out that the very first wave of particles being spawned is always misplaced for me, exactly twice the distance it should be (x and y). I tried it with different XML sheets but it continues to happen, no matter what specifications I use. I of course looked it up on the Internet then, but it looks like nobody had this problem yet :/ Then I took a look at that tutorial I started with (, ...Read more

Cant' load .ogg music files into Eclipse project in Slick2D

Hi I'm very new here and I,m learning how to use Slick2D game library. I'm using Eclipse Luna IDE for coding. Everything was working fine till now but when I tried to load a music with ".ogg" extension, the problem occured.I try to load a music by this line of codemusic = new Music( "res/game_music.ogg" );An exception occurs like this,AL lib: FreeContext: (000000000E2F08A0) Deleting 64 Source(s)Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/jcraft/jorbis/Info at org.newdawn.slick.openal.OggInputStream.<init>(OggInputStr...Read more

Slick2D Mouse event propagation

I am implementing a small game ( Basic game state) and I have a hard time with the buttons navigation.I have a class Menu which contains 3 button: Play, How To Play and Exit.For example when I click How To Play button it redirects me to the How To Play class. In How To Play class I have just a button: Back which is suppose to redirect me back to the Menu class. Everything is working but when I click the back button it exit the game, and this is because it has the same coordinates as the Exit button from Menu.How can I stop the propagation?My co...Read more