Why SLAB SqlDatabaseSink stopped writing to Traces table?

SLAB SqlDatabaseSink stopped writing to Traces tableI added a FlatFileSink in parallel to make sure the listener is not the issue, which writes fine to a file.I also have a Unit Test for the SqlDatabaseSink which works fine, but when subscribing from the main project via Global.asax only the FlatFileSink works. Screenshots below.Added SLAB internal event listener per @manikrish 's suggestion (thank you very much for that), here is the underlying SQLDatabaseSink error from that log "Could not load file or assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json, Version=4.5.0...Read more

Jacking concrete slab with shed

We have a 10x10 wooden shed sitting on a concrete slab that is under water when we get lots of rain. Is it possible to raise the entire thing, slab and all maybe 6" somehow to get it out of the water?Edit: I'm not at the house at the moment, but here are some shots I have of it:https://imgur.com/a/j0osLr3...Read more