Drop-Shadow or Edge on Text Using SkiaSharp

I'm trying to figure out how to get text, created with SkiaSharp, to look like this: Particularly, the black edge of the text (which seems to be on the left side). This screen shot is from a Java desktop app which we are porting to Android, using Xamarin. The number 614 does not look as good without the black edge.I'm aware of this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/40428587/540156 , but it doesn't give me enough. I've been using all manner of properties on the SkPaint object. But I cannot figure it out. Is it a matter of drawing the text agai...Read more

skiasharp - Draw text for graph axis description

I am drawing a graph using SkiaSharp. Now I want to add the axis description (Monday, Tuesday, ...) on the X-Axis.The important code here is:foreach(string key in surveyAnswers.Keys) { SKPath currentTextPath = new SKPath(); currentTextPath.MoveTo((float)(info.Width * borderOffset + i * xStepSize - 70), (float)(info.Height * borderOffset + (answerPossibilitiesCount - 1) * yStepSize + 70)); currentTextPath.RLineTo(70, -70); canvas.DrawTextOnPath(key, currentTextPath, 0, 0, pai...Read more

skiasharp - Large image resizing shows blank

When resizing a large image (> 6MB, 14034px by 9921px), the process goes through with no errors, but the image itself doesn't show upon save, only the white background canvas.The code works fine with smaller images.Is there a limit on how large a file size can be processed? using (SKMemoryStream sourceStream = new SKMemoryStream(imageData)) { using (SKCodec codec = SKCodec.Create(sourceStream)) { sourceStream.Seek(0); using (SKImage image = SKImage.FromEncodedData(SKData.Create(sourceStream))) ...Read more