single word requests - What do you call a woman who's feeling "emotional"?

It's that time of the month, your female partner has begun to fault pick you, for no explicable reason she becomes weepy, and anything you say or do will be criticized or misinterpreted. Is there a word or expression for your partner or girlfriend or her behaviour?What do you call a person who's feeling "bitchy" (note the scare quotes) due to their mood swings?Please, no vulgar, crude expressions. That would be taking the easy way out, what's more I already know those terms.Thank you!...Read more

single word requests - Antonym for determinant

I am attempting to create a user interface to allow for exploring the connections between each of the variables used by a large set of equations. While examining any particular variable, I display a list of variables titled "Determinants", which contains those variables that affect the examined variable when they are changed. I am struggling to find an appropriate, preferably single-word name for the other list of variables that I'm displaying, which contains those variables that will be affected when the examined variable is changed.For exampl...Read more

single word requests - What is the opposite to filter/filtering in search

I have multiple search criteria, for example country and city.To filter (exclude results not matching the criteria), I can do: country=xxx AND city=xxx. But I can also do: country=xxx OR city=xxx. So how would you call the operation that is not excluding the results but instead broaden them? Is there some fitting verb for it like filter?Thanks!EDIT:Accepted answer is probably easier to understand to any web user. However, for anybody interested, the more technical version of answer is: filter vs. join or combine.Thanks again all for help!...Read more

connotation - Word to describe a sarcastic, condescending tone/remark

I'm struggling to find the most appropriate word to describe the following type of remark (italicized), or the tone behind it: "I wish I could talk to him right now..." "There's this great thing called a telephone that allows you to talk to people, even if they're not in the same room. You should try it."I looked at synonyms for "sarcastic" and "condescending" I found in the Collins, Roget's and Merriam-Webster thesauruses, but didn't see a word that implied both sarcasm/indirectness and condescension.Is there a specific term for this type ...Read more

single word requests - What do you call a person who is easily replaced?

I was thinking "interchangeable", but isn't really used on people.How do you describe someone who is easily replaced by another person. The implied connotation is that they have no inherent qualities that make them more suitable for the job than any of their peers, it is just a matter of selecting one of them at random to do it.Example I wish to fill: "I complained that I didn't want to be in the conference call so they had Joe do it. Feels awesome." "Feels awesome to be [interchangeable]?"...Read more

What is a word for partaking in art?

I'm looking for a word to describe the complement of "to create art". I'm trying to describe the act of being affected by it, or by "receiving" it. Specifically, I want to fill in the blank for the following sentence: I want to create art that I also enjoy ___.So far, the best I have is "consuming". However, I do not like that, as it implies the destruction of the art in the process, which often does not apply. Similarly, I rejected "receiving" as it implies an exchange.I want to stay away from visually-biased words like "seeing", "viewing", o...Read more

Word to mean "make smaller by collision"?

I am writing a paper talking about collisions during the formation of rocky planets. Some of these collisions lead to an increase in mass (i.e., the largest body to come out of a collision is more massive than either of the two bodies that were involved in the collision) and some collisions lead to a decrease in mass (i.e., the largest body to come out of a collision is less massive than either of the two bodies that were involved in the collision. I want a word to describe the second case, that the collision led to things getting smaller.So ...Read more

phrase requests - Is there a word for a group of numbers which have equal mantissa in some base?

In music, the letter A denotes multiple pitches: not only 440Hz, but also 220Hz, 110Hz, 55Hz, etc. and 880Hz, 1760Hz, 3520Hz, etc. (these are approximations). The common feature of these is they are all powers of two times each other - i.e.: I would like to say: The note A in music is an example of a(n) _____, since it represents all numbers of the form  for  and .As in the title, mantissa means roughly what I want (though its meaning varies from context to context). Is there any word or common phrase that describes t...Read more