simultaneous 2 or more read/write to/from harddisk

it is said that there is only one spindle in hard disk which reads or writes data to/from hard disk, how is it possible to write or read 2 or more data's to/from hard disk SIMULTANEOUSLY. the operating system used is windows xp.EXAMPLE, i need to copy two different movies to hard disk from pen drive so i click both movies copy them from pen drive and am pasting them in a disk partition, coping process of two movies to hard disk occurs simultaneously. how does this happen?...Read more

Collusion in a simultaneous blindfold exhibition

When a blindfold expert plays several players simultaneously, there is a tacit assumption that the players will not collude. But suppose that the players are allowed to collude, and their goal is to maximize the chances of making the expert lose track of or forget the exact configuration on at least one of the boards. (I'm assuming that they do this not by indulging in unsportsmanlike behavior unrelated to chess itself, but only by judicious move selection.) What strategy should they adopt?I suspect that a good strategy would be to choose ve...Read more

simultaneous - Have there been any simul round-robin games?

It occurred to me that it would be possible to have a match in which, say, each of 10 players play each other simultaneously twice. That is, if a regular simul match is a line of boards, this would be a grid, with each player playing black along one row, and white along a column. (The intersection of their row and column would obviously not be played...) Doing it online would simplify things a lot.It seems like it would be a pretty interesting test of abilities, and solve the usual one-sided nature of simul matches.Has this been done? What's th...Read more