simcity 2013 - How can I claim an abandoned city?

I bought Simcity complete edition from Origin. I also got the Nissan electric car addon and the deluxe edition plus the rest of the downloadable content. As far as I can tell, I have bought everything possible. I was on the origin app and under the game's extra content, everything is checked.So in the game, in my region there are several abandoned cities. I tried to claim it but it says there is content that I don't own when the city was created. I don't understand what this is because I have purchased everything.What's the problem here? Is it ...Read more

Mini buildings in SimCity (2013)

In SimCity, when I zone land for residential, commercial and industrial, sometimes there is not enough space at the end of the zone to fit another building. Occasionally, these little strips of land appear, sometimes with a building or a fence. You can not click on these but you can destroy them. I have not found any information about them. Could somebody enlighten me?Here is a screenshot that I found online:The fence next to the residential building is an example, as is the fence next to the commercial building....Read more

Was Simcity (2013) fixed?

There was a lot of bad reviews of Simcity, mostly because always-online gaming, small cities... The list is very long.I never purchased this game because of all the issues that this game haves, and I want to know if it was fixed by EA or someone else.Edit: For being "fixed", I mean:Bigger citiesOffline playingSave and load before disastersIn general the classic features that were removed....Read more

simcity 2013 - How do i send Alloy to my other processor factory?

I'm starting to work with processors (getting a Processor Inc. soon), and i layed out a second processor factory. It's getting all the alloy and plastic, but the old one is getting no alloy or plastic. Turning off the active and new one doesn't do anything. I'm in multiplayer, and i have a little over 1,600,000 Simoleons (oh, and i spent 575,000 of these before on the Empire State Building, pretty tall. i also spent that in the Willis Tower.)....Read more