silverlight - ToolTip can't templatebind back to the content from datagridcell

I have a datagrid control in which some columns contain text overflowing the respective containers. To solve this problem I add tooltip into the controltemplate for datagridcell, then bind the content of tooltip to the data content by templatebinding to Content property.The outlined Xaml code is like below: <Style x:Key="RotatedCell" TargetType="sdk:DataGridCell"> <Setter Property="Template"> <Setter.Value> <ControlTemplate TargetType="sdk:DataGridCell"> <ContentPresenter ...Read more

silverlight - Align a viewbox while maintaining stretch

I have a grid(see images below) that contains some text(in a another grid (pink area)) and a Datagrid which contains a few rows with categorized data (blue area).The blue area is always located at the bottom and has a fixed height and is working properly. However, the pink grid is located inside a viewbox so that is stretches depending on the size of the screen/browser. The stretch is working the way I want it, but I want to align the viewbox to the top-left. The problem is that if I align the viewbox to the top left, the stretch is gone.What I...Read more

silverlight - How to scroll ItemsControl vertically inside of the Viewbox?

How to let ItemsControl scroll vertically, if it's placed in a viewbox?<Viewbox> <ItemsControl ItemsSource="..." /></Viewbox>I need the Viewbox to scale all the content of my ItemsControl horizontally to the width of the phone (Viewbox does it perfectly, it scales the content in such a way that the widest row of ItemsControl occupies exactly the width, equal to the phone width). But now I cannot scroll the list vertically for some reason, I tried ScrollViewer, scrollbars of Viewbox, scrollbars of ItemsControl -- nothing wor...Read more

internet explorer 9 - Silverlight Viewbox not working with IE9

I'm developing a silverlight application for use on small and large monitors,I had the code working perfectly, my main page contains a viewbox and all controls are children of that viewbox and they did scale correctly, i've been testing on IE9 the whole time.Recently VS2010 crashed which is does quite frequently when dealing with silverlight, ever since this crash IE9 refuses to display my Viewbox correctly.Chrome / Opera / Firefox / Safari all have the correct behaviour but not IE9 anymore.When the application starts, its initial size is corre...Read more

Putting Canvas Inside Viewbox in Silverlight With Image

All,I'm trying to make the silverlight app I'm making resize in a reasonable manner. To do this, I thought I would use a dynamic grid. In the center of the grid I need to put an image inside of a canvas because I will dynamically be positioning objects on top of it. Ideally, as the user makes the browser window larger, the center column would be able to resize and grow larger, thereby growing the image.Here's what I've got:<Viewbox Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1"> <Canvas x:Name="cvsCenterPane"> <Image x:Name="imgFormImage...Read more

canvas - Gap between shapes after scaling in Silverlight

Create a 400 x 400 Canvas. Put a Blue rectangle that is 200 x 400 in it. Put another Blue rectangle, same size, with Canvas.Left = 200. Wrap this in a Viewbox and scale the view box. At certain resolutions, you will find a white column appears between the rectangles despite the fact they are supposed to be flush. How can I avoid this? The only way I've found so far is to set the canvas left of the right rectangle to slightly less than 200, like 199 - but even that shows artifacts at certain scales....Read more

canvas - Items not drawing on Resize of Viewbox, Silverlight

I am currently designing a layout app in Silverlight and have a Canvas inside of a Viewbox. I add shapes to the canvas and they display properly, when I resize the viewbox to zoom in at 2x the height and width, everything still draws properly.The problem comes when I try to zoom at a factor of 4 or greater or at 0.5 (zoomed out).Update: The horizontal lines are still there, they are just not drawing. Interaction between the the other shapes and the disappearing ones is still presentWhen I do this, any horizontal lines do not redraw, but any oth...Read more

silverlight - A grid, a Viewbox, and a Canvas

Ok, I have a Grid which 'auto sizes' to a web browser. In there I have a Canvas with shapes drawn onto it. What I want is for the canvas to 'stretch' to fill the page. I tried using a Viewbox from the Silverlight 3 10/09 Toolkit but it does not seem to fill all the space in the grid and only works when I give it an exact pixel count. Does anyone have any ideas?Example XAML:<Grid> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="*" /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <Row...Read more

silverlight - Windows Phone 8.1 live tile background task

I have a Windows Phone 8 app that I recently upgraded to 8.1 Silverlight. I'd like to use the new tile templates. Right now I have a ScheduledTaskAgent that uses ShellTile.In order to use the new live tiles I changed the notification service to WNS in my WMAppManifest.xml. I removed the code to register the old background task and added this code instead:var backgroundAccessStatus = await BackgroundExecutionManager.RequestAccessAsync();if (backgroundAccessStatus == BackgroundAccessStatus.AllowedMayUseActiveRealTimeConnectivity || backgroundA...Read more

Detect navigation buttons bar appearance in WP8 Silverlight app on Lumia 730/735

Lumia 730/735 have the on-screen navigation buttons, and this bar can be hidden/displayed using the swipe upward screen gesture. System apps correctly process the moment when this bar is hidden or displayed - they increase/decrease the height of their current page accordingly.I have been developing a WP8 Silverlight app to manage checklists for 2 years. Recently I've obtained a Lumia 730 phone, and I'm testing my app on it. As I can see, some pages of my app does not fit the available screen size automatically. Look, for instance, at the follow...Read more

windows phone 8 - NavigationContext.QueryString isn't cleared after tombstoning in WP8 Silverlight page app

Let's consider a two-page Silverlight WP application: the main page PageA, and another PageB we can open from PageA and pass a parameter into it. As Charles Petzold suggests in his bestseller 'Programming WP7', we can instantiate PageB using a statement like this:NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri( "/EditEntryPage.xaml?ItemIndex=" + myItemIndex, UriKind.Relative));And then use the following construct in the OnNavigatedTo/OnNaviagetdFrom events of PageB to process the parameter and the case when the app was tombstoned and reactivated again:pr...Read more