halacha - The משלח is dead, long live the משלח!

Tosfos (Gittin 13a, s.v. לא יתנו) write that דאע"ג שמינה המגרש בחייו השליח לא חשיב להיות כמותו אחר מותו כאילו הוא עצמו קיים אלא חשיב גט לאחר מיתה Even though the husband appointed his messenger before he died, we don't say that "a person's messenger is like him"* after he died, to consider it as if he (the husband) is still alive; rather, this is considered to be a case of "divorce after death" (which doesn't work)(my translation)Are there any rishonim who hold that there is such a thing as a "שלוחו של אדם כמותו לאחר מותו," a messenger-...Read more