shimano - Brifter loose even with bolt tight

How to clamp a brifter to the bar more securely if the clamp is already very tight?More detail: After a small crash (no scratches on me, just a few on the bike), one Shimano Ultegra brifter was wobbling relative to the handlebar. I tightened the clamp bolt that attaches the brifter to the bar as much as I could, but the brifter was still wobbling. I undid the clamp, removing the brifter from the bar and saw that the clamp is a bit rusty, but looks intact. Retightened the clamp bolt as much as I could (the hex key broke), but the brifter is stil...Read more

Shimano front-derailleur with 28.6 Clamp

For my new Shimano M780 based gear I need a pull down (or bottom pull) front derailleur with a 28.6mm clamp for a 3x10 without direct mount. All the derailleur I have checked do not have a 28.6mm clamp. Are there not produced anymore? And if so, what would be the solution?...Read more

shimano - Converting 80s bike to indexed shifters

I've just bought an early 80s steel framed bike with unindexed stem mounted shifters. As I plan to use the bike for commuting, I'd like to change the rear mech to use trigger shifters.I'm not so bothered about converting the front mech at the moment, although I assume it's a similar (if not easier?) process.The rear dérailleur is a Shimano Tourney (couldn't see a date - it's not new though) and there are 5x2 gears. The gear spacing is definitely less than 10mm although I've only tried to measure it with a ruler.I've read lots of guides about do...Read more

shimano - Incompatible front derailleur/crankset?

I recently bought a Tandem from the 90's and now trying to adjust the derailleurs. But, no matter what I do, I don't manage to properly set up the 3-way front derailleur. It eitherproperly shifts from lowest to 2nd orproperly shifts from 2nd to highest. I noticed that the crank and chainwheels don't seem to fit to the rest. The front/rear rear-derailleur and the captain crankset are a black and Shimano Deore LX FC-M563 to my best guess, while the stroker crankset is silver and some "Shimano" which I cannot further specify. I am therefore wonder...Read more

shimano - Unknown shifter mount

This screw goes thru the frame (downtube) to hold two shimano 7speed (indexed) shifters.Apparently, one of the bolts is screwed and needs to be replaced.Problem is that the guy who owns the bike doesn't know where to search since we do not know the name for this weird mount, nor when it was produced or how to get one of those.I thought i might find help here?Possibly an idea for how to replace it?Update:A friend of mine has a lathe and will just make a new bolt....Read more

Shimano downtube shifters 3x7 speed

I have an old road bike with 3x7 speed and STI levers. I need to downgrade it because I can't reach the levers due to my small hands.What downtube shifters can I buy to that will work with my Shimano derailleurs? I'm on a low budget.Are downtube shifters designed to be indexed only on the rear derailleur? My LBS has a pair of 3x7 downtube shifters and only the rear is indexed....Read more

shimano - shifting (hah!) from downtube to integrated shifters

My old racing bike has 1991-era Ultegra, but I have gradually accumulated a nearly complete set of Dura Ace 7402 (mostly new in box) and plan to upgrade the bike. 7402 was a transitional release and offered both downtube and integrated shifters; I have both. The bike is currently outfitted with downtube shifters. It is feasible to install integrated shifters on such a bike? What happens to holes and bosses for the old downtube shifters?Generally, have people regretted making such changes to an old bike? Does anybody suggest I just stick with do...Read more

Replacement shifter for Shimano exage 7-speed - modern shifter compatible?

I've got an early 1990s Schwinn Crosscut with Shimano Exage LX400 components. I've just pulled it out of storage. The bike is in pretty good shape overall. The derailleurs are moving freely and the gears and cranks don't have any significant visible wear. The front shifter ratchet mechanism was stuck. I couldn't get in very well but i sprayed it down with WD-40 and tried to work the mechanism, but no luck. I replaced it with a Shimano Altus SL-M310. that is working mostly, I've got it adjusted to the point that the chain rubs slightly o...Read more

Run a Shimano STX derailleur with 8 speed cassette or bigger?

I've heard that it's possible to run the same derailleur with different shifters to get a different number of gears. I would like to know what the limits are to this idea. I want to keep my Shimano STX rd MC30 rear derailleur because I like the smokey chrome color but I want a bigger gear range in the back to run a 1x. I am currently using a 7 speed shifter.I understand that this upgrade will require a new hub to fit a bigger cassette.Thank you!...Read more

shimano - Replacement for SR Suntour XCC, 48/38/28T, 170mm alloy crankarms?

I recently bought a revolution cross 1 and after a week I've bent the middle chain ring quite badly and the outer one a bit, I think by spitting a big rock out from the front wheel and unfortunately it then smacked right into the crankset. I was a bit surprised (my own fault for not checking) to find that the chain rings are riveted and so I now have to buy a new crankset. I've looked around for other square taper BB cranksets with removable chain rings, but what look like higher quality components say they are for 8/9/10 speed cassettes and I ...Read more

shimano - What is a good replacement for my MF-Z012 6 speed wind on cassette?

I'm trying to find a good replacement for my MF-Z012 6 speed wind on cassette. Thing is, I've upgraded my bike with '93 Dura-Ace rear and front derailleurs. Trouble is they are 7-speed compatible. According to some digging I did, they might also work with 6-speed cassettes, but I'd like to play it safe and upgrade the cassette to 7 speed. Besides, not sure how great the old cassette's teeth are.Also, I'd like to keep my original 6-speed Biopace crankset. Not sure if it's compatible with the Dura-Ace or with the 7speed cassette. I'm thinking it ...Read more

shimano - Shifter/brake-lever compatibility with front and rear derailleurs

I am currently converting my bike from flat bars to drop bars for a long touring cycle. I used to have Shimano SL310 shifters (8x3), but have now bought Shimano Sora ST-3300 (8x3) to mount on the drop bars.I understand that such levers have a shorter "pull" than my previous ones and therefore require different components elsewhere. This is easy enough with the brakes, I've bought cantilever rather than caliper brakes, however, I'm finding the derailleur situation more complex.The Shimano archives suggest pairing the levers with a RD-3300-SS (ht...Read more

parts - Can a Shimano XT (mountain) hydraulic disc brake caliper be used with an Ultegra STI road brake lever?

Specifically, is the XT BR-M8020 mountain caliper compatible with an Ultegra hydraulic road brifter like like the ST-R8020 or ST-R8070?I have confirmed that they both use BH90 brake hose ("high power" rigidity). If I just ensure to use the right fittings for both sides of the hose (the banjo bolt from the SM-BH90-SBLS hose kit, and the straight brifter connectors from the SM-BH90-JK-SSR hose kit) can I be confident this is safe?I'd heard that recent Shimano road and mountain hydraulics of the same hose (BH90 vs BH59) were mostly cross-compatibl...Read more

Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes- Lever compatibility

I am looking for practical advice on compatibility between various Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, especially the lever assembly. Currently I have two separate sets, one M446 Left lever, attached to a short hose and a caliper (front brake) and one M395 Right lever with a long hose (rear brake). I would like to have the right hand brake to be the front brake. Can I simply disconnect the brake hose and swap the levers? Do I need new 'Olives'(line inserts)?I know some Shimano disc brakes use a Banjo bolt connection, but this is not the case for my ...Read more