demolition - How to get rid of this shed?

I have a shed in my garden, and I'd like to remove it to plant trees instead. But I am not exactly sure how I can go about it, and would appreciate advice. I've included 2 pictures of the shed below.The shed is basically made of wood or some sort of plywood, nailed together. I could not see how the roof is attached. Is there a better way than simply brute force to dismantle the walls and roof?There are also some electric cables in the shed. I am not sure they are connected to anything, but how to best handle them?Also, the floor is made of pure...Read more

Hoop shed with pex tubing framing

How much weight can 20 ft. 1/2" pex-b tubing support when using it as framing for hoop shed considering I intend to cover it with 2 layers of light- medium duty tarps and I want it to stand up to rain/wind and light snow in the the winter.The hoopshed with measure 20' long x 4.5' wide.I'll have 10 20' pieces of tubing along the length of the hoopshed very 2 feet with 3 perpendicular pieces connecting the hoops....Read more

Proper gutter downspout location on sloped ground for shed

I built a shed last year on sloped ground, using concrete piers. I didn't get around to adding gutters, and was contemplating not doing it. But, the water seems to be eroding some areas of the soil around the shed (which I recently added mulch over), and leaving a faded line on the top step, as well as a faded line on the fresh mulch. In the picture below, I am looking to add some flowers/medium sized plants on the right side of the steps. Is there any harm in adding the downspout at the high end of the slope so the water will run out in this a...Read more

Garden shed height

I'm building a garden shed 11x7 with a roof 7/12 pitch. The wall height is 8 feet with another 2 feet to the peak. I'm concerned that this is too high for a garden shed aesthetically... the building regs say I'm within maximums. It will be in the corner of my rear yard and the fence height is 7 feet... Should I lower the height of the walls to 7 or even 6 feet... but then I was going to buy a door and most are 80 inches high.. Is there a standard most people use?? I can find any......Read more

shed - How can I prevent an outside lock from freezing?

I store a bunch of the "outside stuff" in the shed for the winter. Mainly things that I only use when the weather is warmer. It pretty much remains locked up for the winter. Occasionally though, I have to run out there to get something in mid winter, and the lock is always frozen shut. I can get in by warming the lock up, heating the key, or using that spray deicer stuff. But is there any way to prevent this? Are there locks that would not allow this to happen?The lock is one that is built into the handle, where the handle is vertical wit...Read more

cement - Raising and extending a concrete shed base, does the existing concrete need to be broken up?

I have an existing concrete shed base which is a bit cracked (due to a nearby tree) but generally OK. I'm planning to replace my 10x6 shed with a 10x14 one which will mean extending the concrete base.My plan was originally to dig the new area and fill with hardcore (up to the same level as the existing concrete) and then lay new cement (with a DPM) on top which would be 4" high from the existing base.However, I've been told that laying cement on existing is a bad idea as moisture could get in and blow the new concrete, and that I should instead...Read more

How many posts for a shed?

Living in the northern side of Georgia, it's somewhat difficult to find a flat spot to build on so I have some general questions about building a shed on a slope like this or like that -- specifically how many posts will I need?My initial plans are for a basic 12x10 (biggest allowed w/o a permit) and probably a small deck (wood pile and such) and there's tons of info on how to do those ... but I can't seem to find how many posts I will need.I won't be storing a lawn tractor in there but I do have a number of gas powered tools (chipper/shredder,...Read more

Turning a Shed to Gym

I have bought one of those rent to own sheds to covert into a gym. We are looking to finish the inside with either sheet rock or wall panneling. I am not sure of the steps. I know I need to insulate bc I'm in Ga and to be able to handle the weather it needs insulating. My question is what is the best to use and do I need to do the vapor barior....Read more

Shed floor framing out of square 3/4 inch

My first time building a shed by myself and it's been a lot of work, since it is on a slope. I got the piers and columns in, had it squared, and put cut plywood in the corners.I cut all the joists, and I guess exhaustion and rushing, I didn't double check the squareness and I put all the joist hangers on and anchors from the rim joist to the 6x6 posts.. with 16d galvanized nails that are not coming out. Some how it shifted even with the corner braces. Guess plywood was a bad choice for holding square.It was originally one inch off, but I got it...Read more

What Is A Shed 'Base Plate'?

I've assembled a 8x12 shed kit in my backyard. I'm now preparing for the final inspection of the lengthy (and costly) permit process. I've been informed that I also need to: Install two 30-40 inch shed anchors and attach to the shed's base plate on opposite corners.Unfortunately, I have no idea what a base plate is. My attempts at searching online shows pictures of things that look like this:Or The problem is, I don't have anything that resembles either of those. The 'base' of my shed looked like this.Because I've finished assembling the s...Read more

How can I "seal up" cracks in my wooden shed between wooden slats/floorboards?

I've got a new shed being put up this weekend, I want to try to seal it up to keep some of the bugs from taking over. After looking around Focus DIY (large DIY chain in the UK) I found some "wood sealer", which comes in a tube and slots into a gun for squeezing out.Each tube costs £6 and I think I'd need about 20 or so in order to seal a 6' by 8' shed, is there a cheaper or more effective method?...Read more