Getting SharePoint List Content Types

Currently we are getting all lists in all sub sites using below REST query. '/_api/Web/Webs?$expand=Lists&select=Title,id,ParentWebUrl' now we would like to get the all content types that are used in those lists as well. Tried expanding ContentTypes, but could not get it to work.Can anyone help to get content types belong to those lists? Even if filtering by content type in the REST query it self is fine.or is there any way to do this in search results of lists?...Read more

When authenticating to Sharepoint online with PingFederate SSO, what should "PARTNER SERVICE IDENTIFIER" be set to?

In this sof ticket, Where do I find PingFederate's "Relying Party"? (To be set in "AppliesTo" of the SAML RST), we learn where to set an SP's "PARTNER SERVICE IDENTIFIER" which corresponds to the "AppliesTo" element in the STS soap request for saml token.I am using PingFederate to do SSO to my SharePoint online site: What should the PARTNER SERVICE IDENTIFIER be set to when using SharePoint online?...Read more

SharePoint Online : Overwrite a content of file in Document Library using CSOM

I have a document library which is consists of different files. I have a task to Read all the files and overwrite the content in it and Upload back to the SharePoibnt online.I need to do this as a migration process and must be done in AppUpgraded.I tried with file.SaveBinary(write.ToArray()) , it pass the code but did not update the file data.Example will be appreciated....Read more

Sharepoint Online (O365) Custom List - Auto-Expire/Delete

I am developing a custom solution that uploads data into a SharePoint (Online/O365) custom list using a custom .Net application (using SharePoint REST/XML/Web services).As part of company's GDPR/Data Retention policy, entries in the list need to be removed after a certain period based on a specific date field (+ retention policy) in the list entry.The retention period would like only be for about 21days from creation date to expiry date and the list itself wont actually contain too many rows... in the 100s, rather than 1,000s if that makes any ...Read more

Thumbnails in Sharepoint online

I need to show thumbnails of Sharepoint Online images on my website, to avoid downloading all images beforehand.Is it possible to make Sharepoint Online (Office365) automatically create thumbnails (user defined size) of images that you upload?Or is it possible to make SO scale the image before download, by url parameters?/Bo...Read more

Azure Functions: PowerShell Script Interacting with SharePoint Online

I'm playing around with Azure Functions, specifically a PowerShell script function. I'm wondering how I can use a script that is reaching out to SharePoint Online.To run against SharePoint Online I would normally use the "SharePoint Online Management Shell" which is a version of PowerShell that pre-loads the SharePoint Online library so that I can use methods like Get-SPOSite, etc.How can I include this library in my Azure Function PowerShell script so that I can use these functions? I'm assuming I need to load the library at the top of my scri...Read more

spfx - Sync Workday and SharePoint Calendar

I am wondering if there is a way to sync workday calendars with SharePoint calendars.Is there a way to sync the two calendars? like is there an API available for a workday that I can utilize to extract the calendar data such as employee leaves and populate it to a team site calendar? or if not, I would want to create a SharePoint framework app and have a custom HTML calendar populated from workday's calendar. I have tried getting a date from workday using SOAP but I am getting a CORS error.Let me know if this is possible....Read more

sharepoint online - How to automate site creation on save in a SP list form using JSOM?

For one of the Clients Requirements, I have to automate Sharepoint site creation on a button click. Basically there will be a SharePoint list form in which a user will enter data as title, url, and select a template. Once clicked on save it should create a sharepoint site. I have been able to implement this using a HTML form web part but now i need to Use SharePoint OOTB list form and need to do the same thing. Below is the code I wrote that creates a sharepoint site upon button click, the code works fine and creates a site depending upon the s...Read more

sharepoint online - Office 365: Graph API and Office Graph

I have a question about SharePoint Online, Office Graph and Graph API.Today, the Office Graph option is deactivated in my tenant (SharePoint admin center > Settings and under Office Graph, "Don’t allow access to the Office Graph" option is selected) for security reasons.I would like to know if it is possible to write some code with Graph API when this option is off?Thanks a lot in advance for answers....Read more

sharepoint online - Get file's absolute path SharepointOnline

I need to get the absolute path of a file within a document library.Doing some research i figured out that i cannot do that directly by code without querying Sharepoint using CSOM.Which is the recommended/correct way? 1)context.Load(file, f => f.ListItemAllFields["FileRef"]);2)Using File.LinkingUrl?UPDATESomething like this? List docLib = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(doclibrary); CamlQuery query = new CamlQuery(); query.ViewXml = @"<View> <Query> ...Read more

SearchExecutor (JSOM) did not retrieve values from Sharepoint online user profile

I'm trying to perform people search in SharePoint online user profile from Sharepoint hosted app but it returns no data.I'm using the following code to do this:clientContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();// Building Keyword query for the searchvar keywordQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.KeywordQuery(clientContext);keywordQuery.set_queryText("mohammed");keywordQuery.set_sourceId("B09A7990-05EA-4AF9-81EF-EDFAB16C4E31");keywordQuery.set_rowLimit(500);keywordQuery.set_trimDuplicates(false);var searchExecutor = new Microso...Read more

powerapps - Unable to save new record to the sharepoint list

I am creating a leave system for my company through Sharepoint. I tried customizing the edit form using powerapps. So when I fill all the records in edit form as shown in powerapp.png, and click on save button as in normal sharepoint form, my fields get reset to their defaults and i get 'entry required or invalid value'(see the attachment named 'powerapp.png') and the item isn't added to my sharepoint list. However the record does get added to list if using normal sharepoint form as shown in normal_sharepoint.png. Note: I have created a custom ...Read more

While performing load testing on SharePoint app, it shows error for WinAuth, how to resolve it?

I have recorded the script in JMeter, and while validating it, it is throwing an error for the winauth/sso, how to resolve it. my app has oAuth and me have to authenticate it. I'm running the script for WinAuth, it gets highlighted in red color and under Response Body, it is displaying "Unauthorized"I have added the HTTP Cookie Manager (check in, HTTP Authorization Manager.[images are added down the below for verification purpose]I'm not able to view the Token_id also.Images: 1. showing winAut...Read more

sharepoint online - Use SPFx to modify the 'edit form' from a modern document library

Right now I am learning SPFx for SharePoint Online. My customer wants to modify the 'edit form' of a document library in a way that if a user starts typing keywords into the Summary field, predifined keywords are displayed which share the same letters in the beginning. I was wondering if I can use SPFx to geht this job doneI thought maybe I can bind the ID of the summary textbox to a javascript file which then does the heavy lifting. Thank you for your help...Read more