how to create custom list column something like people column?

I wanna to create a list column that is something like "people or group" sharepoint type in sharepoint 2013. I mean I want to create a list column that get a display text value and a url that when user click on it go to a special page, in the same way when you click on for example "Modified By" field value that is a user id you go to a page that show the user information.Any idea???Thanks in advance!!!...Read more

Add multiple values to SP List Choice column from Checkboxes in HTML form using javascript

Okay, so I had this working but had to go out of town for a week, came back and accidentally overwrote my original code and cannot figure this out again.I have an HTML form with checkboxes and I want to be able to select multiple checkboxes and have the values for those checkboxes inserted into the choice column of my SP list. In the code below, the problem starts at value5. Of course it wouldn't surprise me if there are other problems.<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en-US" dir="ltr"><head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=...Read more

sharepoint list - How to check if a Choice field option is selected

In our PowerApps form we have the DisplayMode of our submit button determined by a formula that checks all the mandatory fields have been completed.If ( And( Or(DPIAForm.Mode=FormMode.Edit,DPIAForm.Mode=FormMode.New), Not IsBlank(TitleField.Text), Not IsBlank(DescOfInitiativeField.Text), DateRaisedField.SelectedDate <> Date( 1900, 01, 01 ), Not IsEmpty(PersonalDataChoiceField.SelectedItems.Value), Not IsEmpty(SpecialCatChoiceField.SelectedItems.Value), ...Read more

Anyway to pull Sharepoint lists directly with a Java program to extract large amounts of data without first exporting to excel?

Does anyone know if there is anyway to pull lists from SharePoint directly using a Java program? I would like my program to automatically pull data from SharePoint every so often that I would set up on my own, however I am running into problems whilst attempting to retrieve the data in the first place to even start to do anything with said data. Sorry if any of this is vague but my main question is again: is there anyway to pull data with a Java program straight from SharePoint. Thanks....Read more

List items from SharePoint list are empty -> error

I have a beginner question. I am using an ajax call to get elements of a sharepoint list choice(checkboxes) column called "Orbit" to create a google pie chart:data.d.results.forEach(function(row) { // each row row.Orbit.results.forEach(function(choiceOrbit) { // each choice of Orbit of single row if (countOrbit.hasOwnProperty(choiceOrbit)) { countOrbit[choiceOrbit] += 1; } else { countOrbit[choiceOrbit] = 1; } });But if the item EDIT: (if the row is empty) i get an error:Uncaught TypeE...Read more

Show list attachment urls in javascript dynamic table

Am trying to show all list items in one javascript dynamic table.I am able to show all list columns except "ATTACHMENT" of that corresponding list item.Am using below code to get list attachment urls:function Get_Attachment() {var Discussion_AttachmentID =10;attachmentFolder=_web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl('/Lists/DiscussionComment/Attachments/'+Discussion_AttachmentID);attachmentFiles= attachmentFolder.get_files();_clientContext.load(attachmentFiles);_clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this,this.DiscussionAttachment_onSu...Read more

powerbi - Make SharePoint list dynamic?

I have a Power BI dashboard connected to a SharePoint list. One of the columns in the SharePoint List is a "Today" column and automatically inputs the current date. The problem is that the "Today" column does not change day by day like it does in Excel. It remains as the date I inputted the list item but I want it to change every day to the current date. This is very important in my project. Is this possible? Any help would be great!Thank you...Read more

google chart - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'results' of null - when reading SharePoint list with JS

I am using an ajax call to get elements of multiple sharepoint list choice(checkboxes) columns called "Orbit", "SD",.... to create google pie charts for each column:data.d.results.forEach(function(row) { // each row row.Orbit.results.forEach(function(choiceOrbit) { // each choice of Orbit of single row if (countOrbit.hasOwnProperty(choiceOrbit)) { countOrbit[choiceOrbit] += 1; } else { countOrbit[choiceOrbit] = 1; } });But if one row in the column is empty, I get an error:Uncaught TypeE...Read more

Sharepoint List Deletion/archival

I have a large list that (~4500 items) that I want to delete everything that is older than a certain value. Currently I have a view that filters off a target completions date that is past 60 days. I exported everything on that list to an excel file and now I want everything that is in that view gone. Is there a specific way I can delete everything just in that view? Edit: I do not have access to powershell. I should've clarified: is there a built in way to do it without any coding?...Read more