Sharepoint user details not visible to other users

I am managing a SharePoint site that uses Form Based Authentication. We have several generic lists, document libraries and active task lists that users can create update and delete. Users can use the people pickers to select/search for everyone. But the users cannot see other users names, email addresses etc. in display lists or the people pickers. If I log in as the site collection administrator, I can see everyones details. So I know the data is available.Updated details on this problem(non-administrators) SharePoint users cannot see othe...Read more

Data update error with SharePoint 2010 and MS Access 2010

I've encountered a strange error when attempting to update a SharePoint 2010 list that I have linked to via Microsoft Access 2010.Error: Data cannot be inserted because there is no matching record.This occurs in 2 scenarios:I attempt to run any UPDATE query against the list in MS AccessI attempt to update a record from the list if the list view is filteredThe second item might need an explanation. If I simply open the linked list in Access, scroll down to a record I want to edit, and edit it, it works. If I filter that view first (for example, ...Read more

Create AND add user to sharepoint site via code

I'm curious about the best/most efficient way to do this.I've already set up my sharepoint 2010 site, and it is configured to use FBA. What i'd like to do is allow users to create their own accounts by filling out a form (the form will sit on a public sharepoint site, and filling it out creates a user in the membership database which is used for validation to enter the FBA sharepoint site). I'm familiar with using the asp CreateWizard tool to build user accounts as part of a .Net web application, but I'm not sure on how to develop this as a w...Read more

sharepoint - Accessing Infopath form over the internet

We are a worldwide charitable organisation. We have a problem with one of our SharePoint applications and we are a bit desperate here due to the unavailability of solutions.A description of the problem: Our SharePoint 2010 application uses Infopath 2010 for creating and submitting forms online to acquire approvals and authorisations. This system works perfectly within our intranet, but when we try to access this over the internet (we want it to be accessible both ways), it does not open up the InfoPath forms. We are using classic windows authen...Read more

sharepoint - Convert InfoPath 2010 form InfoPath 2007 Form

We've got an InfoPath floating around that was created in InfoPath 2010. It has been distributed to a handful of users through a SharePoint document library - unfortunately users with InfoPath 2007 aren't able to submit the form, or even open it. They receive the error message: "The form template was created with a newer version of InfoPath.This form template was created by InfoPath version 14.0.0."Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a known procedure for converting .xsn files from version 14.0.0 to a version compatible with Info...Read more

Experiences developing offline solutions for SharePoint with InfoPath?

With the widespread acceptance of SharePoint 2007 at my current client, more and more, there are questions about filling out forms offline that then get synchronized when they are connected back to the network.This seems like exactly what Microsoft built InfoPath for, so here's my (totally untested) thought: We have a library of InfoPath forms which users connect to their Outlook client, so they have the forms locally when they go offline. They can then open them at their leisure, fill them out, and save the result. Then, they get back online...Read more

how to render infopath webpage in sharepoint

how to render infopath webpage in sharepoint.I have designed the MS office infopath form, & stored in the my sharepoint site document library, (in fact i created new one). But when i want to open that form it direct redirect in MS office infopath with running form. Which i don't want. I want to open form in sharepoint site. How it is possible . Please guide me .......Read more

SharePoint InfoPath form postback issue

As a SharePoint developer I am reviewing a browser-enabled InfoPath 2010 form published to a SharePoint Online (Office 365) environment.The InfoPath form contains several controls – textboxes, rich textboxes, dropdown listboxes, multiple-selection listboxes, date pickers and person/group pickers – and is published to a SharePoint Form Library. The users are facing the issue that whenever one control has been changed and loses focus, the form is getting a postback. Some of the postbacks are as expected, because another field will be updated beca...Read more

sharepoint - InfoPath and UDC communication error

In my SharePoint site, I'm using InfoPath Form Libraries, the InfoPath files uses UDC files to get the data on form load. InfoPath files and UDC are in the same site collection and in same server "Server A". Now when I try to access the InfoPath files from "Server A", the InfoPath files works perfectly. But when an user access the site and when he tries to add or open a InfoPath file in the SharePoint site from his machine, he gets the following errors, this happnes to the site collection administrator as well.1.The UDC file cannot be opened. T...Read more

knockout.js - SharePoint 2013 KnockoutJS Lookup columns

I have a basic knockoutjs project loading data from a SharePoint 2013 list scenario. Getting data and displaying data is easy, the problem that I'm running into is on the edit mode displaying the proper control. Everything should not be a textbox. This means the people picker control to dropdownmenus to calendar controls. MSFT has some pretty good documentation on using the client side people picker control here" problem that I have is calling this control inside my viewmodel.Settin...Read more

sharepoint - How do I change the page navigation links in SPFx?

I'd like to build a SharePoint Framework extension that, when active, changes the current navigation (typically the links on the left side of the page).The current docs for SPFx Extensions don't list any hooks or methods specific to navigation in BaseExtension, so the best approach I can come up with is to run some jQuery in onInit, which seems not only hacky, but error-prone, since I'd be manipulating parts of the DOM managed by React.js. I'd like to know if there's a better approach or more targeted APIs....Read more

internet explorer 11 - SharePoint Auth token - Saving a formular

Our project team is currently working on a workspace hosted app on SharePoint 2016. In the application, we have a formula where the user can enter information and save them to a list (REST API).Now the problem:SharePoint does have an auth token which is expiring after a certain amount of time. If the token expired and we try to save the data of the formula to the list, the Internet Explorer (V.11) throws an HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error. In Chrome, this doesn't happen. There, the token updates and the data get saved to the list as expected.Does an...Read more