Openlayer distors vector shapes

I have a problem with drawing my vector shapes - when I zoom enough, it looks like some coordinates are skipped and the shape gets distorted - see the attached picture:The shape is loaded from geojson file, where it's defined like:"coordinates":[[[18.58235,49.81784],[18.58545,49.81738],[18.59252,49.81296],[18.59279,49.80395],[18.59986,49.79953],[18.60013,49.79051],[18.60719,49.78609],[18.61425,49.78168],[18.61093,49.7663],[18.07565,49.432],[18.07509,49.43198],[18.06119,49.43289],[18.04734,49.43411],[18.03356,49.43564],[18.01987,49.43747],[18.00...Read more

MS Visio 2013 Shape Data Sets

I am creating a custom Shape Data Set for a MS Visio 2013 document of Data Center rack diagrams. I created the Shape Data Set on one of the shapes, saved it and then imported it into the shapes in the document. The issue that I have is, my boss wants the Shape fields in the specific order as entered in the first Shape. All of the Shapes that had the Data imported, are listed alphabetically.Is there a way prevent Visio from changing it to an alphabetical listing?...Read more

How to create a custom shape similar to Add Multiple Topics in brainstorm stencil of Visio 2016

BackgroundI have to many a times draw multiple rectangles in Visio. I noticed the Brainstorming template's stencil in Visio has a shape named "Add Multiple Topics". When you bring this shape to document's page it prompts you with a input to enter topic names separated by newline characters. When you provide this depending on the number of lines topics (Horizontal lines) with provided texts are added to the document's page.AmbitionCreate a similar (to Add Multiple Topics) custom shape in Visio with rectangles. i.e. I want to have a shape named "...Read more

shape - How to find corners given a set of points

Say I have shapes represented by a set of points on the edges. A hexagon and a circle, with the points defining them in greenSome points may be collinear or continuous (as in the circle).How can I write an algorithm detect the corners of the shapes? In this case it should be that the corners of the hexagon are returned. However, if the shape has a smooth curve it should not return any cornersThanks...Read more

addeventlistener - EaselJS: Changing Shape Color on De-select

(Note: Just to clarify, by "de-select" I mean selecting other shape than the currently selected one, thereby de-selecting the initially selected shape)Just to elaborate a bit more, I got a series of shapes on a canvas. Any shape I click on changes its color from, say, red to white. But then, there can only be ONE white-colored shape at any given time. That means, if I click on shape-A first then shape-B, shape-A's color must change from white back to red the moment I click on shape-B.Adding a "click" event listener to every shape was a no-brain...Read more

shape - Flipping QuadTree in recursive abstract code

I'm trying to flip a quad tree about the vertical axis recursively, but without using a particular PL. In which case I've written the following, but I'm 100% it's not actually good, and I can't quite sure I understand it as well.flip(quadtree) { if (singleNode) return quadtree else return formQuadTree(flip(NW(quadtree)), flip(NE(quadtree)), flip(SW(quadtree)), flip(SE(quadtree)))Any suggestions?...Read more

shape - Bad argument to theano function, Wrong number of dimensions

I am predicting 20 numbers for a regression tasks from a VGG, using lasagne and theano. For an example script I wrote, number of images are 100. I think I am doing something stupid, but am stuck. Looking online, for people who use nolearn, it can be fixed by specifying regression=True, but I am just using lasagneSo:('X.shape', (100, 3, 224, 224))('y.shape', (100, 20))Here's the exact error messageTraceback (most recent call last): File "", line 167, in <module> loss = train_batch() File "", line 90, in train_bat...Read more

shape - Create table / grid in a Wireframe Visio 2010 diagram

I'm loving the added Wireframe template and corresponding shapes in Visio 2010. One thing I can't seem to find though (not in Visio, Office help or using Google) is a good way to draw tabular controls.The only built-in shape that comes close is a List Box of which I can link several together. However this has several disadvantages as this leaves me without "rows" in my table.Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to do this? I'd prefer a shape that is aware of the Visio2010 'theme' stuff, but at this point any quick way to draw a grid in a w...Read more

shape - CreateJS hit only visible elements

I have two shapes in my canvas using CreateJS. In each shape I included a hit area with the own shape with a mouseover listener. Two shapes are one above the other. When I click into the shape, I received the two callbacks. It's possible to get only the callback to the visible shapes?enter image description here...Read more

shape - netlogo: Check whether a certain turtle is ahead of current moving turtle

A. In NetLogo, I want to check which type of turtle is ahead of the current moving turtle. I try to do this through looking at the shape or color of the turtle ahead. Context: i want the moving turtle to check whether it meets a moving enemy, if so, the moving turtle should avoid the moving enemyI tried this line as condition:if [color] of turtles-on patch-ahead 0 = yellow [do this]B. And I would like to check whether a certain turtle is overlapping the current moving turtle with this code as condition.if [color] of turtles-here = yellow [do th...Read more

SPOTFIRE how do I shape by column in the map chart with a custom expression

I have a spotfire question. I am attempting to create Shapes by Column Values in a Map Chart.I would like to create these Shapes by a Custom Expression. The custom expression is below, I have simplified it so it is easier to read.All I am saying is: if((Current months oil rate - 12MonthAgo Oilrate)/12MonthAgo Oilrate)>0,"UP","Down")When I run this calculation though it only gives me one value, (there are both positives and negatives so it should give two).I am not sure what I have done wrong? Any help is appreciated. <If(((((Sum(If(CurrentMo...Read more

Add some (Master) Shapes to another (Master) Shape in Microsoft Visio 2013 x64 when add a (Master) Shape to the Page

I want to create a new Master Shape in the Microsoft Visio 2013 x64 like the Class Master Shape in the UML Class Stencil.When add the Class Master Shape to a page, it appends two Member and one Separator Master Shapes in itself automatically. Furthermore, can add more Member and Separator Master Shapes in it.I was thinking that it adds other Master Shapes in itself by some written VBA codes; however, when I checked the file of the UML Class (Metric) Stencil in the following full path, I got that it uses no VBA codes, not at all.D:\Program Files...Read more

New Created Custom List Shape Doesn't Work in Microsoft Visio 2013 x64

Objective:First, I should say what I want to do, and then I'll describe what I've done to achieve to my Goal in the next (Descriptions) part.I want to create a Custom List Master Shape from the Plain Container of the Diagram Parts section in the Insert tab of the ribbon. Then, I want to create another Master Shape that can use as the member shape for the Created Custom List Master Shape.In other words, I want to add my Created Master Shape to my Custom List Master Shape like attaching the Member and Separator Master Shapes to the Class Master S...Read more