stty - serial DMA pausing after 2048 bytes

I have a sama5d36 device running Debian jessie (kernel 4.1.10) with a DMA USART. To get the DMA USART to output correctly I had to turn off ECHO and ONLCR.stty -F /dev/ttyS2 -echo -onlcr speed 115200If I do a test where I send a bunch of bytes, I will receive 2048 bytes and then it stops receiving until I testLines > /dev/ttyS2cat < /dev/ttyS2Here is the output of /proc/tty/driver/atmel_serial2: uart:ATMEL_SERIAL mmio:0xF0020000 irq:31 tx:2185 rx:2048 DSR|CD|RIHere is my stty output (stty -F /dev/ttyS2 -a):atmel_usart f002000...Read more

minicom - How can I halt a boot over serial when a prompt is displayed?

I have a computer that I'm connected to via serial. I want to stop it as it boots up as part of a bash script. The computer issues a prompt along with a short time window to push a key to halt the boot process and go to a uboot command line.My current solution is to read lines from the serial device and stop reading when the prompt is displayed. I then echo a single character to the device like this.prompt="any key to stop autoboot"prompted=falsefline=""while [ "$prompted" == "false" ] && read flinedo echo $fline if [[ "$fline" =~...Read more

resizable serial console window?

When using the serial console of my system I always end up with $COLUMNS=80 and $LINES=24.While I can change these variables manually it is somewhat annoying to do this any time when the client side terminal window has been resized.Usually I'm connecting to the console using screen /dev/mytty baudrate.Changing the $TERM environment variable to "screen" or "xterm" does not help.Will I need to call getty with some of those instead of vt100?Needless to say that all of this works fine, when I connect to the same machine using ssh....Read more

arch arm - Serial console is not erasing display

I am logging into an Arch Linux install running on an ARM dev board via USB serial connection. Installation went smoothly, and everything seems fine. However, my console is behaving strangely; it doesn't appear to be clearing the line in response to various commands. Examples are easier to understand (although hard to depict):$ mkdir test*Press delete*$ mkdir test*space*I know that delete is working, because executing the above command makes a tes directory. It just doesn't seem to have the correct behavior on the display of the command. I have...Read more