How to get Selenoid session ID

I would like to clarify how can I use Selenoid API to check downloaded files.According the documentation to get downloaded file from container I need to call f2bcd32b-d932-4cdc-a639-687ab8e4f840 is a Selenoid Session IDSo, the question is "How can I get this session ID?"Value, returned by getSessionId from RemoteWebDriver doesn't look like correct one.UPD. My bad. Session ID, that I can get from RemoteWebDriver instance, is correct.The problem ...Read more

Use Chrome/FF beta version in selenoid

I am using selenoid for automated e2e-testing and really like it. To ensure browser support on all versions, I am testing with different versions of Chrome/FF and now would need to also test with the beta versions of these browsers.I found out here that there is no built-in image for beta versions.Is there another way to use beta versions anyway?...Read more

How to get Chrome fullscreen with selenoid vnc

I'm having trouble seeing a fullscreen browser when using VNC with selenoid. I'm running in docker on a linux vagrant VM. I'm using the default commands to start the containers...docker run --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v ${HOME}:/root -e OVERRIDE_HOME=${HOME} aerokube/cm:latest-release selenoid start --vnc --tmpfs 128docker run -d --name selenoid-ui --link selenoid -p 8080:8080 aerokube/selenoid-ui --selenoid-uri=http://selenoid:4444This is my C# code that initializes the remote webdriver...var chromeOptions = new ChromeOp...Read more