select - How to toggle a checkbox based on a dropdownlist selection

I have a dropdownlist control and it's populated with a list of peoples names from a database. I want to enable a CheckBox control if the user selects a person in the list and disable the checkbox if they select BLANK (also an option in the list).Here is a portion of my code... <tr> <td>&nbsp;<asp:Label ID="lblAssignedTo1" runat="server" Text="Assigned To:"></asp:Label></td> <td><asp:DropDownList ID="ddlAssignedTo1" runat="server" AppendDataBoundItems="True" DataSourceID="dsAssignedTo"...Read more

How to select multiple layers in Photoshop CS6

I have PSD file with about thousand layers. And I have one selected shape area. And 0 layers are selected. Now my question is how to select only those layers that are in selected shapes. Layer is in selected shapes if part or all layer is in selected shape. Selected shape is non rectangle....Read more

vim: how to select and replace one word for all its appearance?

In a file, I wish to replace all "middle" with "medium", I dont' wish to use :%s:middle:medium:gI wish to1. put the focus on the word of "middle"2. press 'gd' to high light it, 3. and then do something to replace all its appearance(multiple places) into "medium". What's more, does vim provide that when I replace a word, while typing, all its locations will display the same change?How to do this, should I use normal mode or visual mode?...Read more

gwt datagrid Bootstrap Select cell (need to execute javascript after cell has been added/rendered)

I inherited a project that uses GWT to create a web application. It uses a GWT wrapper for Bootstrap3 to do the styling of elements. This is working nicely for the most part. Now I hit a road block trying to add a Bootstrap3 Select to a GWT DataGrid table that currently uses a GWT SelectionCell. The problem is that a SelectionCell is not 'Bootstrap styled' and therefore doesn't match the style of the rest of web application.Unfortunately, I cannot simply add the Select to a GWT DataGrid as the Select does not implement the GWT Cell interface no...Read more

integer - Value of <select><option> coming back as string

Is there any way to have the value of an <option> to be set to an actual integer? I have the following html code:<select id="proteinperc" onchange="setMacrosProtein()"> <option value="0" selected>0%</option> <option value="5">5%</option> <option value="10">10%</option> <option value="15">15%</option> <option value="20">20%</option> <option value="25">25%</option> <option value="30">30%</option> <option value...Read more

select - Photoshop CS6 - How to Use a Layer as a Cookie Cutter

Software: Photoshop CS6OS: Windows 8Situation: I have an image of a tree trunk on my base layer that has a birdhouse in the middle. The birdhouse has it's own layer. I want to use the birdhouse layer as a 'cookie cutter' in order to nicely cut out the shape of the birdhouse so I can put something else in it's place. Is this even possible? To use a layer as a cutter? How can I achieve this effect? I tried to use the magic wand tool but the edges of the cut out were very fuzzy and choppy....Read more

select - AWS signature issues with URL encoding %20 vs %201?

I'm running into an AWS SimpleDB signing problem when sending a SELECT request and I'm stumped. The worst part is that it appears to be performing inconsistently.When I select as below it's fine and works perfectly:select itemName() from Race limit 3which is encoded as select%20itemName%28%29%20from%20Race%20limit%203 - of course adding all of the other attributes before signing.When I change the SELECT limit to 1 (rather than 3) select itemName() from Race limit 1 it encodes as select%20itemName%28%29%20from%20Race%20limit%201 and the signatur...Read more

mysqli - Select sum query

I want to select on mysql database items with given quantity order by expiration date.For example: SELECT 500 RM1181output must be data with the ID 16 and 1. Because the priority is the item with the nearest expiration date. which is itemID 16 expires first but its only 100 so i need the next item which is itemID 1below code is what I currently have.SELECTO.ID,O.itemcode,O.qty,O.expdate(SELECT sum(qty) FROM put_in WHERE itemcode = 'RM1181') 'RunningTotal' FROM put_in O WHERE itemcode = 'RM1181' HAVING RunningTotal >= 500 ORDER by expdate...Read more

How can select row in hypertable

First I had created one table CREATE TABLE hypertable (a,b);after I add 4 row into that: INSERT INTO hypertable VALUES ('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'a', 'a11'),('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'b', 'b11'); INSERT INTO hypertable VALUES ('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'a', 'a12'),('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'b', 'b12'); INSERT INTO hypertable VALUES ('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'a', 'a13'),('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'b', 'b13'); INSERT INTO hypertable VALUES ('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'a', 'a14'),('2008-06-28 01:00:00', 'b', 'b14');Last I select all in table it will ...Read more

SimpleDB - how to select where ANY attribute matches a given string?

I am designing the layout and usage of an Amazon SimpleDB application. The docs for simpleDB give several example queries: Here is one:ref: * from mydomain where Title = 'The Right Stuff'I would like to use something like:select * from mydomain where * = 'The Right Stuff'So I can search through all attributes for 'The Right Stuff'.I know I could build a database and test this, but right now I'm not coding, just planning, so if there is anyone out there who knows the...Read more

select - What's the equivalent of getSelected() (mootools 1.1)

In mootools 1.2, getting selected options in a multi select is easy using getSelected:// code 1$('my_select').getSelected().each(function(opt) { // stuff});Is there an equivalent of that in mootools 1.1 or do I have to use getChildren() and check whether it has been selected?What I have at the moment:// code 2// get all options$('my_select').getChildren().each(function(g) { // if option is selected if(g.selected == true) { // do some stuff }});...Read more

pthreads - `select` on same fd from another thread

I wanna write the same fd from other thread. is it possible? I couldn't get fdset event on select.on thread_main, I've got "bad file descriptor. what things are wrong here?<pre>void *thread_main(void *arg){ int len = 0; int *fd = (int *)arg; len = write(fd[0], "a", 1); // I've got write...-1-9(Bad file descriptor) printf("write...%d-%d(%s)\n", len, errno, strerror(errno)); len = write(fd[1], "b", 1); printf("write...%d-%d(%s)\n", len, errno, strerror(errno));}<code>on the main, there is nothing to read if same f...Read more

sqlite3 - Whats wrong in this SQLite select statement?

I have two table:Table1 is:ID fname lname---------------------11 p1 p222 a1 a2Table2 is:ID fk_id field1 field2------------------------------1 11 2 32 22 5 4and I have this statement in sqlite:select * from Table1where fk_id from Table2 where (select sum([field1]-[field2]) from Table2 GROUP BY [fk_id]) > 0)I expect that this query return all rows of Table1 but it return just one row!why?!I can't under...Read more

select - Filtering a pyspark dataframe

I am trying to select some values from a pyspark dataframe, based on some rules. getting an exception in pyspark.from pyspark.sql import functions as,F.when((df.tran_sponsor = 'GAMES') & (df.location_code = '9145'),'ENTERTAINMENT').when((df.tran_sponsor = 'XYZ') & (df.location_code = '123'),'eBOOKS').when((df.tran_sponsor = 'XYZ') & (df.l_code.isin(['123', '234', '345', '456', '567', '678', '789', '7878', '67', '456']) ),'FINANCE').otherwise(df.tran_sponsor)).show()The following exception i am encountering....Read more