personal locator beacons - To activate PLB if you know search and rescure are looking for you but there is no emergency?

If you are held back a few days by bad weather or some other unforeseen natural circumstance and you know emergency services are looking for you because you can hear the helicopters but you know you can saftely walk out on your own - would it be reasonable to activate your PLB to save them time and money looking for you even though you are safe and there is no emergency?...Read more

What is the optimum viewing angle to search for something on the ground from the air?

Continuing my series on our upcoming search for a downed Douglas B-18 bomber in Alaska* (13 more days to go!), I've started to think about the angle we should use to "look down" at the terrain. This is especially important because I will be mounting go-pro like cameras on the airplane to capture what we "see" on the ground as we go. I will do this with this handy tie-down mount I came across:This mount allows the camera's to be positioned at any downward angle. I wouldn't think that either straight down or straight ahead would be optimum...I...Read more