scrolltop - vertical scrolling while dragging the element not works properly

I am trying to make the page scroll when we drag element top or bottom of the screen. It working fine when container is inside the screen but unable to scroll when container is bigger than screen. To Solve this issue I have write this:$('.dragable').draggable({ zIndex:100, revert: "invalid", helper: "clone", scroll: true, drag: function(e) { if(e.clientY <= distance)//top { isMoving = true; clearInetervals(); intTopHandler= setInterval(function(){ $(d...Read more

scrolltop - Scroll To Top button that only appears when you reached the end of the page

I think this is rather easy achieved, but I couldn't find out how to- and couldn't find much documentary about it.I hate those 'scroll to top' buttons that appear after you already scrolled just 300px. Like I'm that lazy to scroll to top on myself. Therefor I would like to have a scroll to top button that only appears when you reached the bottom of the page (minus 100vh (100% viewport height).Let's take in account the button is called .scrollTopButton and it's CSS is opacity: 0 and it's position: fixed on default.How would I make the button app...Read more

scrolltop - Off canvas menu appear on scroll

I've tried a lot of different things I've seen online (tutorials and videos) but I can't seem to get this to work.What I have is a hero banner at the top with 100% width and height. The menu has been hidden up using -webkit-transform: translate(0,-100%); and once the user scrolls down to the bottom of the hero banner, the menu will then appear, sliding down using -webkit-transform: translate(0,0); within an addClass. I have used ease to animate it. However, my javascript isn't working.Here is a jsfiddle$(document).ready(function(){var nav = $("...Read more

scrolltop - How can I position a particular Item to "Left Top" corner using UICollectionView scrollToItemAtIndexPath?

I'm using UICollectionView with Custom Layout. In that whenever collectionview getting reloaded, I need {0,0} item should be positioned to Top Left corner of contentView. If I'm setting scroll position to "UICollectionViewScrollPositionTop" it will scroll {0,0} item to Top only but not to Left Top corner.So, How to do that?Thanks in advance!...Read more

scrolltop - How can I manipulate the UI for this jQuery div scroller?

I'm currently using the following code to scroll up/down text... I'd like to make the following modifications to the code, but am struggling on how to achieve it:Check the location of the text and affect the opacity of theup/down arrows. When the content of #scroll is at the top, the up (#scroll-up) arrow would be faded back. When the content of #scroll is at the bottom, the down (#scroll-down) arrow be faded back. Every where in between, both button's would be faded in.Hide the scroll buttons if they are not neededHere's the current code:var e...Read more