Sass calc decleration dropped Chrome

I am writing a simple grid layout using Sass. I am trying to use calc() to determine the width in relative units %. To test the styles, I am using a simple HTML file. Problem: Inspecting the results with dev tools on Chrome, it shows that the width declaration with the calc() call is dropped as Invalid property value. Here is the code:src.html<!DOCTYPE html><html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="X-UA Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-widt...Read more

sass - <link rel the bootstrap-4 Source files?

I've been developing a site with bootstrap 4 and linking externally to:<link rel="stylesheet" href="">However, I need to load the site locally as the network connection isn't stable. So I downloaded the full stack bootstrap-4.0.0 Source file and added it to my WebServer directory thinking all I need to do is change the link to to point to bootstrap.min.css, like this:<link rel='stylesheet' href="http://localhost/webfiles/wp-content/themes/Cussons/bootstrap-4.0.0/...Read more

Shopify Theme with Compass and Sass

Does anyone have a workflow for developing Shopify themes with Compass and Sass? I am really close, I just need to figure out how to not make Sass barf on the CSS liquid tags. Here's what I've got:A sass/compass project in directory (ex:, "/newwebsite/)A subdirectory containing my Shopify theme ("/newwebsite/newwebsite-theme/")A Compass config.rb that points the css,_dir images_dir and javascripts_dir all to the them's assets folder ("/newwebsite/newwebsite-theme/assets/")Compass watch onshopify_theme gem also watch on, uploading theme files to...Read more

How to use this Sass Flexbox mixin provided by a theme

I am using Drupal FortyTwo theme. In the FortyTwo base-theme there is a flexbox mixin provided see below:@mixin flex-order($number) { order: #{$number};}@mixin flex-align($align) { @if $align == 'start' or $align == 'end' { align-items: flex-#{$align}; } @else { align-items: #{$align}; }}@mixin flex-flow($direction: none, $wrap: none) { @if $wrap != none { flex-wrap: #{$wrap}; } @if $direction != none { flex-direction: #{$direction}; }}@mixin flex-grow($value) { flex-grow: #{$value};}@mixin flex-shrink($value) { flex-shrin...Read more

sass - Add TailwindCSS to Phoenix with Brunch

I'm having trouble figuring out how to add npm packages which are not specifically built to be used with brunch to my elixir/phoenix project.One thing I don't want to do is manually copy files from node_modules/ to vendor/.If anyone knows how to properly configure Brunch to use Tailwind in a Phoenix app, any help would be greatly appreciated....Read more

Using FontAwesome with Sass

I'm trying to use FontAwesome in a web Compass project. As there's no specific documentation in the FontAwesome page, and I'm not using Bootstrap, I've followed the "Not using Bootstrap?" directions but can't make it work.The outputI get no specific errors, either not found or compiling errors. It's just not showing anything, no icon or text. The FontAwesome font files doesn't seem to be loading.The steps I've doneDownload the font-awesome directoryCopy it to my projects css folder, where I have all my compiled css: project/css/font-awesomeImpo...Read more

hsl - How can I duplicate Sass color functions in

Is there a way to use the equivalent of Sass color functions, like lighten and darken, to create color swatches in example, original color #02284Bwith Sass, I can use darken(#02284B, 2%); which will render as #022341Is there an extension or technique for translating Sass color functions to the Sketch color settings?...Read more

sass - susy grid pixel rounding error

hey there i tried to fix the susy sub-pixel rounding error with the use of the isolate method, but somehow it still exists in chrome....cant figure out what i am actually doing wrong, thanks a lot for your help, really appreciated html:<div class="l-wrap-page"> <div class="l-wrap-main"><div class="c-block"> <div class="c-block__item"> <img src=""> </div> <div class="c-block__item"> <div class="c-block-article"> ...Read more

webpack sass-loader not generating a css file

I can't figure out how to render a css file with the webpack sass-loader.Here's what my webpackconfig.js looks like:module.exports = { context: __dirname + "/app", entry: { javascript: "./app.js", html: "./index.html" }, output: { filename: "app.js", path: __dirname + "/dist" }, module: { loaders: [ //JAVASCRIPT { test: /\.js$/, exclude: /node_modules/, loaders: ["babel-loader"], }, //Index HMTML { test: /\.html$/, loader: "file?name=[name].[ext]", }, //H...Read more

sass - Sources are wrong in Source Map with Gulp

I`m trying to create a valid Source Map with Gulp and gulp-sourcemaps. The Source Map is actually created, but inside, the "sources" parameter is not loading the appropriate paths of my SASS files. This is what I get:"version":3,"file":"style.css","sources":["style.css"]When I need to load something like this (created by Koala App):"version":3,"file":"style.css","sources": ["../sass/style.scss","../sass/typography/_fonts.scss","../sass/helpers/_variables.scss"........This is my Gulp Task gulp.task('sass', function () { return gulp.src('style/s...Read more

sass - Compiling SCSS to CSS Compile error due to PHP Variables in SCSS file. How to get past it?

I have a bunch of SCSS file and I am trying to compile them to CSS. I have tried using both Koala and Scout. Error:C:\Users\Ben\Desktop\officeincambridge\public_html\oc-content\themes\bender\sass\user.scsserror sass/user.scss (Line 2: Undefined variable: "$widgetbackground".)create css/user.css.SCSS file:.user-card{background-color:$widgetbackground;position: relative;padding-left:120px;height:120px;@include border-radius(4px);margin-bottom:25px;ul{ padding:15px; margin:0; list-style: none;}I understand why the error is coming up, but ...Read more

sass - Extend Zurb Foundation Visibility Classes with a "tiny" media query

For a Zurb Foundation fan who wants a challenge. I'm having trouble getting my brain around the visibility classes of Zurb Foundation 5. I understand conceptually what's going on, but I'm trying to add an extra size to the visibility classes, namely "tiny". I've worked in the "tiny" media query throughout the rest of the components that I need, but this visibility stuff is kicking my butt. I just can't keep track of what's overriding what!Here is the original _visibility.scss file.Does anyone want to take a shot at working in .show-for-tiny,...Read more

Can't get sass + compass + susy installed due to version conflict

I'm working with Sass, Compass and Susy on OSX / Terminal. But I can't get Susy to work together with Sass and Compass. What I've done:sudo gem install sasssass -vReturns: Sass 3.3.0 (Maptastic Maple)sudo gem install compassThis seems to also install sass-3.2.14.gem, then the compass-0.12.3.gem.compass -vreturns: Compass 0.12.3 (Alnilam)Everything until this point seems to work fine; I can create a Compass project and work with it. Then I try to install Susy:sudo gem install susy --preor justsudo gem install susyThis seems to install susy-2.0.0...Read more