6.0 marshmallow - Increase internal memory of Samsung J2 prime

I bought Samsung J2 prime phone. Some details of that phone as follows. Model - SM -G532GAndroid version - 6.0.1I heard that earlier it came with good feature that allow us to format external SD card as internal storage. I tried to format my new SD card as internal storage. But it does not give that option in my phone. Is there anyone who has similar experience to solve this problem?Thanks...Read more

Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Stuck at Samsung logo with no recovery and no download mode

Background: I was having CWM recovery with custom ROM "CyanogenMod" and recently I flashed "LineageOS" successfully but I noticed that phone internal storage is being occupied by previous ROM files and folders so I tried to delete everything to have a phone in clean condition with only "LineageOS" files. By mistake I format /boot, /system, /data, /cache and /sdcard and after that I reboot to system. Weird Stage: (don't know if its soft brick or hard brick) :( At this stage, my phone stuck at Samsung logo with no access to recovery mode and dow...Read more

samsung - How do I stop ads interrupting my music player

I have a Galaxy Note 9 where I usually have music playing in Amazon Music Player in the background while I play games. In the old version of the OS (Samsung's version Android 8.1) when I am playing a game and an advert starts, it would pause the music, but I could just slide down the notification area and unpause it. Since the recent upgrade to Android 9 (again Samsung's version which it automatically upgraded to), I have to wait until the advert has finished before I can unpause the music. This is ultra annoying!I don't mind the advert, or eve...Read more

first time trying to install custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Win (SHV-E500L)

I have an old Samsung Galaxy Win (SHV-E500L) Korean version (Android 4.4) which I want to experiment on I searched for custom ROMs for this model online but I haven't been able to find any I am thinking of risking it and trying custom ROMs for The E300 phones (they are Galaxy S4 phones if I understand correctly) One of the things I have read is that installing ClockworkMod is the first step to installing custom ROMs, and the wikipedia for ClockworkMod says it ...replaces your Android device's stock recovery image. Using this recovery im...Read more

Samsung pen sold separately

It seems that starting with the Galaxy Tab S3 (February/March 2017), Samsung has shifted to Apple's model: Sell tablets without a pen. Sell the pen as an optional attachment.But something in the Note series (phones and tablets) used to be from Wacom. What is it, and is it still in the S3? And how does one navigate the future line-up? Does determining whether the words "capacitative display" appear in the tech specs settle it?...Read more

sim card - Can the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S9+ also run T-Mobile?

(This question does not apply to the unlocked version - it applies to the Verizon version specifically)Is the Verizon Galaxy S9 Plus able to also run T-Mobile using its dual sim feature, or is that not possible? The reason for being interested in the Verizon version rather than the unlocked version is for VoLTE and WiFi calling which I've read may not work on Verizon on an unlocked model....Read more

samsung - How do I disable a screen overlay

I recently purchased a Samsung S7. I placed it on charge last night and this morning when I went to check my messages I keep getting a popup/overlay displaying a playboy style icon with a close box and info box. I just hit back up on the phone but it keeps re appearing.Can anyone help, it's driving me mad.Thanks in advance.Richard...Read more

samsung - how to setup tasker for bt on call

could someone help me with this? I want the tasker to automatically turn on the bt,and switch off wifi and data when a call is made or received...also to undo everytning after the end of the call....rreturn to previous state....Also need to connect automatically to my headset after the bt is enabled...I cant cope with the % % and the orders of the tasker...please if anyone could help it would be great...Read more

samsung - Can Always-On Display on my Galaxy A5 (2017) cause screen burn-in?

Ever since I bought my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), I've been using its Always-On Display feature, which displays a clock or calendar with unread notification icons, or one of four preinstalled images on the screen while it's in the "off" state (e.g. locked).I'm using the Image option as you can see on the screenshot above. I've heard recently that Samsung phones are notorious for being susceptible to screen burn-in because of their AMOLED displays. Is that something I should be concerned about when using the Always-On Display feature?...Read more

samsung - C7 SM-C7000 pit file analysis

I got a C7 SM-C7000 from China. Now I'm trying to install a Hong Kong firmware on it and of course got the partition size error in Odin. I searched around and found one pit file for my model Hong Kong. I'm attaching the file however I'm concerned about it being the right file.My PhoneModel - SM-C7000Variant - ChinaStorage - 32 GBCan anyone tell me if I can flash the attached pit file or link me my phone's Hong Kong pit file?ThanksPit file I want to flashEdit 1: PIT contents: pastebin(.)com/FncY05pg...Read more