safecracker - CSRF bug on IE, unable to login to to CP EE 2.9.2

Got a weird one, on this site, Internet Explorer customers (all versions, even 10&11) are unable to search, add to their cart, and login to the control panel. Basically perform any form action without hitting the "This form has expired" CSRF error.Chrome, Firefox, & Safari users aren't experiencing any issues.I've tried setting the 'disable_csrf_protection' config setting (not ideal)$config['disable_csrf_protection'] = "y";However when that setting is enabled IE users aren't able to login at all (no error m...Read more

safecracker - Get field name within Channel form

Is there a way to show the name of the field in the front end (via Channel Form)? There's the Name and short_name.. I want to put the whole "question" in the field Name rather than type it in the template.Would be nice to do something like this:<label>{FIELD_NAME}</label><input type="text" name="{short_name}" id="{short_name}" value="{value}">instead of:<label>My question here with many words</label><input type="text" name="{short_name}" id="{short_name}" value="{value}">It's because I have my form in 3 temp...Read more

2.7.0 - Safecracker error after upgrading from 2.6.1 to 2.7

I changed my tag pair from {exp:safecracker} to correspond with the new docs {exp:channel:form}. I even removed my tag pair and used the Basic Example from the docs with the same results.A PHP Error was encounteredSeverity: NoticeMessage: Undefined property: EE::$channel_form_libFilename: channel/ Number: 5259Fatal error: Call to a member function entry_form() on a non-object in /Users/bsartain/Documents/git/whitetailslam/admin/expressionengine/modules/channel/ on line 5259I noticed some others having similar i...Read more

safecracker - Custom Datepicker (Datedropper.js) with Channel Form Grid & Date Fields

I have run into an issue I cannot figure out.The situation is I have a Channel Form that has a bunch of Grid field types on with a date field. The issue is I would like to use this (datedropper) JS datepicker for each date field inside the grid. I am able to get it to fire if the page loads with an existing row but if I click to add a row the date dropdown will not fire. I have tried every variation of include_assets/include_jquery/datepicker in the parameters. Here is the sample code:<link href="{path='css/_ee_channel_form_css'}" type="text...Read more