safari 10 flexbox img overlap and parent size issues. bootstrap 4 cards

I have a grid layout that works in all browsers I need except Safari 10. The images and text below should fit inside the card & btn setup but they all crowd together. The problem in an imageCorrect view in IE11 imageHere is a bootplyI attempted to add flex:1; in a class to one of the parents and that fixed it but then it causes the same problem in IE11. css .img-fluid {width: 100%;}.tall {padding: .6em 1rem 0 1rem;}.wide {padding-top: .7em;}html <div class="col-sm-12 col-md-6 col-lg-3 col-xl-2 pb-3 px-2 "> <div cla...Read more

Amazon S3 temporary URL to image works in IE and Firefox but not Safari

I'm using Amazon S3 to host images. The S3 bucket is private, so I generate a temporary URL (using Right AWS) with a 5-minute expiry to allow the image to be rendered. The URL looks like this (note: URL below will not work): works fine, and I can paste the URL into Firefox and the image is displayed. Same for IE. However, when I try it in Safari the URL appears to re...Read more

xamarin.ios - Can I create a Whitelist for Safari using OpenUrl in Xamarin.Forms?

I am working on a project using Xamarin.Forms as a container app. This app includes several webviews that link to restricted web content. One of these links our Sharepoint site. The Sharepoint site has a link that allows our users to go to a 3rd party site(Cornerstone) to view training videos. When using the stock UIWebView, WKWebView, or SFSafariViewController the popup that displays the video is not shown. The only way that I can get this video to play in my app is to use OpenURL to open the Sharepoint site in Safari. The problem is that...Read more

safari - Cross Browser HTML5 Video Preloading Poster Only

I'm currently rendering a list of HTML5 video elements.I have multiple video files on a single page, i do not want to download a lot of data until the user clicks play.I would like to grab frame 1 and show it as the poster. I dont have access to an alternative posters for each video. I'm looking at the preload attribute with a value of 'metadata' for the video element here: looks to have limited browser support.Using preload='metadata' works in firefox and chrome and show frame 1 as a poste...Read more

cors - Cross-origin redirection denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy in Safari

We have an api endpoint that redirects to another server. It's called via XHR and seems to work fine in most browsers, except for Safari (specifically on iOS).The error I'm getting in the console is:Cross-origin redirection denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policyWe have CORS on the page that does the redirection and on the other server. The redirection page sets:Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: falseThe other server has:Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *How can I allow redirection in the CORS policy?...Read more

AppleScript Safari : Click button after page has fully loaded

I have this script here which is loading a profile on an unfocused safari tab and saving the text I want in a variabletell application "Safari" to set the URL of tab 2 of window 1 to "https://URLproduct/" & serialNumber & "/definition" delay 2.5However some of the data is only available after a click on a button (this is a pop-up like overlay with a button, which make the another text not accessible until you press on "OK", also this button is not always here) button HTML is :<button class="btn btn-primary" autofocus="" ng-click="...Read more

i need an applescript to open safari in full screen an to hide the toolbar on mavericks

I need an applescript to open safari in full screen an to hide the toolbar on sounds easy but it isnt!i need to open safari then open google in full screen mode an then hide the toolbar. it would be the equivilent to the below sample but instead for safari tell application "Google Chrome" open location ""end telltell application "Google Chrome" to activatetell application "System Events" keystroke "f" using {command down, shift down}end tell...Read more

Stop HTML5 video from buffering in Safari

I have a simple HTML5 video player in a hide-able <div> for use on iOS devices for watching MP4 videos. If the user "closes" the player (or, in reality, hides it), I really want to kill the video entirely, preserving the user's bandwidth. The only method for halting video that I know if is videoElement.pause(), which does stop the video from playing, but from watching network stats it looks like the video continues to load until the entire file is complete. I've also tried videoElement.currentTime = videoElement.duration, but that also se...Read more

header - Safari 11 X-XSRF-TOKEN not updated after refresh

Recently Safari 11 was released on Mac OSX. This update causes problem with our webapplication in combination with XSRF on the header of our reuest.I will try to describe the problem in a logic way.This is how a good situation would look like:When a user wants to log in, he receives a response from the server with a Set-Cookie that contains the value of the XSRF token. Eg: Set-Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=LKNBX4DZhL708KjXNkgXnlxTDCNuhsZG1kTc2SFy498; Path=/; SecureThe page refreshes The next call that will be executed contains that correct XSRF value in ...Read more

openfiledialog - Plupload browse button is not working in safari

I am using plupload of version- 2. In a Ruby on Rails application. Browse button(that leads to the opening of a open file dialog box) is not working in Safari but everything is working fine in Firefox and Chrome.Here is the sight of my code : $(document).ready(function(){ var uploader = new plupload.Uploader({ runtimes : 'html5', browse_button : 'upload-pinboard-pic', container : 'uploader_conti...Read more

safari - How can i send binary data via websocket in safari5

I found out that safari 5.1 is using a draft version of websocket, i think it is hybi-00.I am trying to send binary data with the following code: var ab = new ArrayBuffer(64); var dv = new DataView(ab); dv.setUint32(0, 1); websock.send(ab);But the server received a text message containing "[object ArrayBuffer]" instead of a binary message. The hex dump of the data received by server is : 00 5b 6f 62 6a 65 63 74 20 41 72 72 61 79 42 75 .[object.ArrayBu 66 66 65 72 5d ff -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ffer].Obviously, the...Read more

Cannot control audio volume in Safari when using createMediaElementSource()

I have an html audio player and I use it with createMediaElementSource() to make a visualizer. But I can't change the volume for it from Safari. When I change the volume to 0 it logs it correctly (0) in the console, but the actual volume is still at 1. It works in other browsers.const AudioContext = window.AudioContext || window.webkitAudioContextvar audio = new AudioContext()var $audioPlayer = document.querySelector('.player-element__player')var analyser = audio.createAnalyser()analyser.fftSize = 32analyser.connect(audio.destination)var source...Read more

How can I automatically run an AppleScript when starts?

Basically I want make sure I execute a custom written .applescript every time Safari is opened.I tried adding the script to the "~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari" folder but that doesn't seem to automatically do it.As a workaround I can probably just write an AppleScript that both starts Safari and runs my custom stuff. I just wanted to check whether there's a cleaner way of doing this....Read more

iPhone Safari does not auto scale back down on portrait->landscape->portrait

I have a very simple HTML page with this META tag for the iPhone:<meta name="viewport" content="height=device-height,width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0,user-scalable=no" />Using the iPhone Safari, when the page loads in portrait mode it looks fine and the width fits the screen.When I rotate the iPhone to landscape mode the web page is auto resized to fit the landscape width. Good, this is what I want.But when I rotate back from landscape, the page is not resized back to fit the portrait width like it was before. It remains in the landsc...Read more