Merge [ruby-1.9.1], [ruby-1.9.2], [ruby-1.9.3] into [ruby-1.9]?

There are a few questions (compared to the total number of Ruby questions) tagged withruby-1.9.1 - 15ruby-1.9.2 - 232ruby-1.9.3 - 396The excerpt for the tag ruby-1.9 already suggests that the tag should be used for questions in the Ruby 1.9 branch.I would propose to make these tags an alias of ruby-1.9. There is really no need for one tag for every bugfix release.This didn't happen in Ruby 2.0 just because there have been no 2.0.x releases. Thankfully, the majority of users don't know about patch level versions, or we will likely have one tag f...Read more