rigging - Custom float property used in a driver need manual UI modification to work

I'm currently creating some script to automate a cloth rig setup.In the process I'm adding a custom float property to an empty and use it in a driver. It's a concept I wish to reuse for other purposes but had not figured out how to have that completely (and automatically) working yet. Unless I manually modify the custom property value in the UI and then update the driver dependencies, the driver will not pick the custom float property.Here is an example that assume you have a Cube and a Sphere in the scene.import bpysource_obj = bpy.data.object...Read more

rigging - Blender Skeletal Mesh into Unreal

I'm learning Blender and Unreal side by side.I've made a mesh and would like to use as my main character's for the game I am building. The mesh looks alright, even comes into the game with all the materials looking the way I want them and everything.My goal is to create a skeleton that would match the Unreal skeleton enough to be able to use the animations that come stock/are so cheep on on the Unreal market.But it seems that whatever I try, though, I don't get the right effect(s)Method 1:Export a Unreal mannequin into Blender. I then move the ...Read more

rigging - How to make a bone NOT inherit location from parent? Or how to position bone at world location?

Lets say I have two bones, A "Root" bone and a "Child" bone, the "Child" bone has the "Root" bone set as its parent. How can I make it keep its world position while the parent moves? Now, the reason I ask is because I want to create some "root motion" animations for UE4 (which I have gotten working) but since the root bone moves during the animation, its really hard(or as far as i can see; impossible) to keep the IK targets I use in the same place while the "Root" bone moves. As an example see webm-related: http://webmshare.com/nq8qa(I'm aware ...Read more

rigging - How do I limit the movement of an object to two directions?

I'm trying to get a 'rigged' mechanical arm to move in 2 certain directions:Some other objects in my Blend-file are able to go in a certain direction using transform constraints. But this won't work for the 'thing' I'm trying to achieve now (the blue object should not rotate):The reason I want it to be locked is because I'm using a rigging menu made out of limited location constraints:The 'Red line in the middle' doesn't have to be there necessarily. I used it to explain it easier....Read more

rigging - Is there a good workflow for creating 'swappable' linked characters?

We're creating an animated scene that features lots of simple characters based off the same model. We'll vary them a bit (some male, some female and with different colours and clothes etc), but they all have similar proportions and are linked to the same armature in the master file.They look a bit like the above.What we want to be able to do is to embed these characters into a different blend file where we'll pose and animate them. They'll be placed in the scene and animated individually as opposed to say a crowd simulation, we'll do this using...Read more

rigging - Armature Invisible?

So, in my project, I have a rigged model that I'm attempting to animate. However whenever I make a new 3d viewport (like when switching from default to animation mode), that viewport won't show the armature of the model. I ended up joining a new viewport with the only one that did show the armature, and now it won't show on that viewport and I don't know what to do. I haven't hidden the armature or anything, so I imagine the issue has to do with a 3D viewport setting I'm not experienced enough to know about. Any advice?Also, it's worth noting t...Read more

rigging - Why isn't Rigify adding constraints to the bones it generates?

I'm new to the rigify add-on and I think that I might be struggling with it. I have the armature that comes with the add-on and if I press the generate button it generates a the rig with the root, arms, face... The issue is when I try to pose the rig, the armature doesn't move because the bones of the metarig doesn't have constraints with the rig.I'll upload the project, but is only the rigify add-on loaded.(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I2CZmrD6FTKLtk5t7MBZP9eYOZQcR6BY).Also, I found the issue in a full modeled model, but it seems to not w...Read more

rigging - Radiant Rig XL does not work with my character mesh because there is a script that interferes with it

I'm trying to make work the add-on called "Radiant Rig XL" with the character that I usually use to learn blender. I don't why,but it does not work,like you can see from this screenshot.and you can find the character that I'm working with here.I sent an email to the author of the script and he replied to me telling : "You have a script attached which interferes with Rigify (rig_ui.py). Radiant Rig depends upon Rigify as stated in the instructions. If you are changing Rigify, I can't predict what will happen"I disabled the option called "auto ...Read more

rigging - Weight mirroring fails with a error

Before I continue, I probably should mention that I already have tried copying vertex groups and mirroring there and also mirroring through the weight tools (I believe it's the same thing, but still), have X Mirror option enabled as well (yet it looks like it ignores it for some reason). The model is centered in the scene, everything looks fine, vertex groups names should be fine as well. No idea what's going on there, but whenever I try to copy one vertex group to another Blender hiccups and shows a error, that says: 0 vertices mirrored, 22835...Read more

rigging - How to find quicly a duplicated bone name

I'm rigging the tail of the bird Piero training course of the CG Cookie and I made again and again the episode 29 : piero rigging spine. I created a new bone and I renamed it "MCH_mindsEye",as indicated by the tutorial,but that name has been converted immediately to "MCH_mindsEye.001",so probably already exists a bone with the first/same name. I tried to look where it could be but I didn't find it. What can I do ? I have also unhide all the bones that I had previously hidden,but that doesn't help....Read more