riddle - Can You Figure It Out? (Chapter One)

Once upon a time, there was a boy of only 13. His name was Constantine A. Sittine and he lived in the quiet suburbs in a small town in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a cold and stormy, winter night when he heard police sirens come to his house. He was in bed, but heard the front door being forced open. He ran to the top of the stairs and saw his father being handcuffed for a reason he knew not. He cried out to his father, but his father only turned his head and mouthed the words “ice cream”. As quick as the police officers had come in, they were ...Read more

riddle - The strange story of Lord Lefthide

Lord Lefthide was found dead in his mansion, to what it would seem of a heart attack. But it appears that moments before his death, he was writing some uncanny childish story. He was indeed found dead at his desk with a pen in his hand and the following note in front of him: "That wretch ! He still watches for me", the bunny says. Old, browsing the site, the patient hunter embraces the shadows "Nobody is immortal, especially not you, bunny!" Fearless little bunny, he nonetheless hides beneath a shrubbery. "Great human, hunting's forbi...Read more

riddle - Who killed Mr. Green, and Why?

One sun-shining day in London,Twelve people attended a party.They didn't know who was coming,But they hoped the time would be hearty.Four husbands and wives were attending,Each one of two boys and two girls;The total attendees was fourteen,Including the maid and butler.Six rooms and the roof were the places,One poolroom, two kitchen, three dining;The library, the lounge, and the hall,Which led to the ballroom quite shining.From the ballroom it wrapped right around,The house was a truly great circle;The house was a diamond and round,Free fun for...Read more

riddle - Look up the panda bear

A panda bear walked into a restaurant. He sat down at a table and ordered some food.When he was finished eating, he took out a gun and shot his waiter. He then left the restaurant.After the police caught up with him, they asked him why he had killed the waiter.He replied, “Look me up in the dictionary.”What did the dictionary say?...Read more

My three little friends - a riddle with a story

Hi everyone, solve this riddle:I have three friends, they're all little...another world is where they live,wherein there can be no eclipse.My closest friend is the first one,always follows me every day...Though he's not coloured black and white,I call him "Felix" anyway.My second friend is much distinct,he looks otherworldly and strange...If you assemble him, first think,once he is formed, back he can't change.My third friend, so much has she changed...A beautiful healer she was,but her powers have much mutated,and now in father's house she is....Read more

riddle - Andy Crush Saga

12-year-old Andy's mum has been bugging him (as mums are wont to do) after having found his notebook doodled over with little hearts and flowers, and his pocket money being spent on a lot of cologne...'But when your little sister got a crush, she told us who it was...'Yes, repeatedly. If he heard about the amazing Matt one more time, he would go nuts.'Fine. I won't tell you, but if you can work out who it is, I'll tell you if you're right. This is all you're getting.'Why I love my crush...She's younger than me, and she's special-she's one of a ...Read more

riddle - The Messed Up Family and the Lost Brother

My dear brother, It has been almost nine years since we lost you. We’re a big family so losing just one may not seem like much of a loss but it has left a hole nonetheless. You’re still here in spirit – in fact, people keep forgetting you’re no longer part of our family – but it’s not the same. You were always kind of out there but we all cared about you. I don’t think anybody else has written yet and I’m sorry for that. I can’t make up for their lack of action but I feel like, if anyone is going to keep this family together, it has t...Read more

riddle - Identify the twins and cousins!

Let me tell you about four friends of mine. They're a close-knit bunch: two pairs of twins who are cousins to each other.The first guy is Adam. He's a devout Christian, going to church every week. He loves his job and commutes many miles to work each day. He has a very positive outlook, always looking on the bright side. He's content with his life, saying he has some of everything.His sister is Sukey. She's very different from Adam, although they love each other dearly. She's a pessimist with a gloomy outlook. She's always ready to criticise an...Read more

riddle - The 13,601st puzzle

One day, a man was watching a live TV report. He was a good puzzler.TV Report. This is just in, by Justin.A child of an art collector noticed that every time she left the house, the paintings would be laid on the ground. The art collector was at a museum, and she said "oh no!" because her house has gold somewhere only she knew. But it seemed like trouble.The only other person there was Fran, who liked country music. Fran would hang the paintings up again each time, but they kept neatly 'falling' down. The police were suspicious, but he testifie...Read more

riddle - In Constant Sorrow

I've decided to tell another story, though this one already exists. I'll give an overview and you'll have to tell me what story I am telling. Digging for punishment, our story begins; a story about, three unfortunate men. As fate would have it, three became four; one sold their soul, for fortune adored. Placed in the wrong, by time yes indeed; Nelson was there, when they were in need. Pitting the men against one another; then they met up, with Pete's older brother. Everett was married, his wife left his name; telling their kids, he...Read more

riddle - The Map to Radiance

An entry in Fortnightly Topic Challenge #39: Deep Down in the Dungeon 1In an adventure to find a special area, Radiance, in the mythical land of Geome, our heroes seek out a map to their destinies, and a whole heckuva lotta loot.As the explorers get through the dungeon that holds the map, they encounter a strange stone statue, blocking what appears to be a doorway.This stone statue, however, is a guardian, protecting their precious map."If you wish to pass me, you must correctly solve my riddle."The explorers conferred, then agreed. I am a kni...Read more

riddle - What is the sum of all of the phone numbers you have ever called?

Thomas Edison really likes to keep in mind,A number that should be quite easy for you to find.Just find the sum of all the numbers you've ever called.But be wary as some people might become quite appalled,At the variant that is shared by governments abroad.But remember to answer the question of whether the number is even or oddHint: Think about the different types of things that Edison invented.Hint2: The word sum has a double meaning here.Hint3: What do governments care about with regards to the phone numbers you have called?Final Hint (...Read more

riddle - Who is this wizard?

A long time ago there lived a wise man. Many people used to call him, & still call him, a wizard, a genius!He had many, in fact countless friends! One day with some of those friends he formed a union. All these people were very famous & important in their community. Over time the equation changed among them & the union went under transformation to come out in its most appealing form. This union got so famous that it became the identity for that man & vice versa.At this time the union consisted of 7 people, 5 main members & 2...Read more

riddle - The Story of Jason & J____

One man was fighting another person. The victim was being punched and kicked and shoved, and the attacker had no intentions of stopping.Then, two priests walked by. One of them noticed the fight and said to the other, Transgressions! At the fight!The two priests ran to the two men and split them apart. The first priest who spoke continued, Wrongdoer, violence (as well as everything thereof) is never the answer. Now thy days will end in the underworld.The attacker explained that the victim had better clothes than him, rode a better car than hi...Read more