retirement plan - Provident fund - first job

I have joined my first job. While discussing about PF, my employer mentioned that both - the employer contribution and employee contribution to PF has to be paid myself.Is this right ? What does it mean ? It will be deducted from my salary ? But shown that they (employer) have contributed to PF ? I am new to this. Please explain.Should I avail PF ? Cant I invest in PF myself not through company? The company said I have to state my position with regard to PF on letter either ways....Read more

How much real rate of return should I assume on a retirement portfolio?

With an annuity calculator I can calculate how much money do I need to collect so I can retire and live off it.I can estimate my monthly living expenses and my remaining lifespan.But I have no good idea how much inflation adjusted return should I expect on it. I would need to hoard half the amount of money if I can have 3% real return instead of 0%.If we assume a typical 50/50 post-retirement portfolio composed of stock and bond index funds, what percentage of real returns to should I calculate with when planning retirement?...Read more

retirement plan - Private pension ensurance - Split over multiple contracts?

What are the pros and cons of running several pension ensurances beside each other, instead of putting all the money into one ensurance?Model all in one:Contract A 2016 -> 100€/monthContract A 2020 -> 200€/monthContract A 2025 -> 300€/month Model multiple contracts:Contract A 2016 -> 100€/month Contract A 2020 -> 100€/monthContract B 2020 -> 100€/month Contract A 2025 -> 100€/monthContract B 2025 -> 100€/monthContract C 2025 -> 100€/month...Read more

germany - Retirement fund and Riester options for university teacher

For several months now I've tried to get my financial life in order, however, I'm failing to find a solution for my retirement fund.I am in my early 30s and working half-time at a university here in Germany, which earns me roughly 1.390 € after taxes. I will be employed until the end of February 2016.I was told that Riester is the first step in building a private retirement fund and the extra charge from the state sounds like a good thing to me. However, there are so many different models (partly incorporating funds, partly not) and every bank ...Read more