iOS app with iBeacon must restart device

I built a simple ios app with IBeacon . I ran this app on an iPhone 4s whit ios7.1 while running an IBeacon base station.Everything is working right in background or foreground(exit region have 30 seconds delay in background).But over a period of time,about 3 hours,this app can not monitor any event though device setting were not change(blueTooth and locate is normal).This situation must restart the device.Please tell me what should i do aboult this situation?Thanks!...Read more

pm2 reload/restart with wildcard

It's possible to restart a certain group of applications with pm2? Something like pm2 restart service-* restarting service-a and service-b? I found pm2 restart service-a and pm2 restart all, but nothing with wildcard. Of course I could write a shell script, but before I'm interested in the easiest way....Read more

PowerBuilder restart function

We are using Restart function in an application to close the application and re-open the same when the application is left idle for the specified period of time. The fucntion works fine when we call the function from SDI application but when we call the function from MDI, the application closes off after couple of restarts.In MDI frame, when the function is trigger is first time, the application restart works fine. When we leave the application for another idle time and the restart function is triggered again, the applicaiton just closes off. I...Read more

AnythingSlider: how to restart slideshow

I'm starting the slideshow in a pop up div by clicking a button using $('#slider2').data('AnythingSlider').startStop(true);Stopping the slideshow by $('#slider2').data('AnythingSlider').startStop(false);When I click the same button to show again it simply continues from the slideshow that was stopped before. I want the whole slideshow to restart again. How can I do that ?...Read more

Restart screen features a progress bar: what is it?

Sometimes (and in particular the last two times I restarted), a strange bar looking like a load bar or a copy bar appears on the restart screen, as in the image below.I am running Mac OS X 10.9.5. What is it? Is it just the installation progress of updates (that install without me saying anything but that is another story) or is it something else? NoteIt has oftimes happened to me that I saw this:Is it correct to call that "freezing"? If not, what is the correct name? And is it any different from hibernation aka deep sleep?...Read more

iPhone 6s restarts - apple offers a "new one" (refurbished) as exchange solution

After having my iPhone 6s locked for 2-3 hours, sporadically (once per week) it presents the following problem:No response to home buttonAfter pressing 1-2 times for 2-3 seconds the unlock button it shows black screen and the white "waiting circle" for 5-10 secondsIt comes back to life but every time this happens it is also asking the Pin for the sim card.I would not consider this as a restart or that the phone shuts down and it just starts again because when this happens it does not show the apple sign that normally shows up when the iPhone is...Read more

restart - Sharepoint broken. "Loading this assembly would produce a different grant set from other instances. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131401) "

I am stabbing in the dark here trying to get a SharePoint 2010 server back up. Having just bounced IIS I am getting this when trying to open a SharePoint site: Loading this assembly would produce a different grant set from other instances. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131401)Problems started when the User Profile Service got messed up. It's been recreated but the "User Profile Synchronisation Service" is stuck "starting".This is just a basic single server pilot system we're trying things out on. Any pointers to getting this back up would be g...Read more

restart - Powerbook G4 not fully booting to login screen

I wanted to change the boot logo for my Powerbook G4 so i used MacOS X to find the location. I changed it and had to change some permissions to do so. I then restarted the computer. It reached the grey apple screen and then the blue screen...then it stopped...and never continued to the login screen. if anyone knows how i could somehow force start the computer without resetting it and without losing all of my information that would be EXTREMELY helpful....Read more

restart - Varnish restarting suddenly

Does varnish keep a crash / restart log? I am currently monitoring a varnish server and it seems to restart every week or so, when CPU usage reaches about 100% (load gets a bit high - about 6~7 on a 2 cores machine) and IO wait takes an avg of 45% of CPU time.Am I missing any configuration or predefined behavior? Does it mean that I have a bottleneck in my hardware causing varnish failures?Thanks!...Read more