Responsive rollover image

I am trying to make a rollover image responsive to browser width and height. Here is the current code:'<a href=""><img src="" onmouseover="this.src=''" onmouseout="this.src=''" /></a>'Any thoughts?...Read more

responsive full page banner using object fit cover

I am using object-fit:cover. But it crops my image. I want my image to appear the same on all resolutions without cropping. Currently it gets cut from the sides. I want it to appear as a full page without any cropping.body,html{ height:100%;}#home{ height:100vh;}#home img{ height:100vh; width:100%; object-fit:cover;}<div id="home"> <img src="" class="img-fluid"></div>...Read more

responsive - Ionic 4 and ngx-charts - Problem with responsiveness in ion-grid inside an ion-slide

I'm having problems with the responsiveness of ngx-Charts inside an "ion-slide", or more precise, a ngx-Chart within an "ion-grid" which resides in an "ion-slide".For the chart to be responsive I found two rules. One says, that you should not use the "view" parameter inside the ngx-Chart.The second one says, that the surrounding / parent tag should have a size. If both are true, the chart should adapt to the size of the parent.I even made it work (be responsive) inside a grid - a grid on a "usual" page, but I'm not able to make it work (be resp...Read more

Responsive website is not really responsive

I have just started with web developing and made a simple header of the website with logo and navbar. The thing is that the website should be responsive and change the layout (resizing it to 580px) displaying menu in two columns but it doesn't. The same when the website is fully extended there should be menu displayed in one line but it is messed as well. Can you have a look at code and tell me what is wrong ? Here you go:HTML:<!DOCTYPE html><html lange="en"><head><meta charset="utf-8" /><title>Painting with respo...Read more

Adobe Animate CC - Responsive not working on mobile

I've got a situation where after selecting the make responsive and both settings in the publish settings so I have;makeResponsive(true,'both',false,1);In my script.The animation scales with the browser window and even in Responsive design mode in safari. But if you actually view it on a phone (in this case an iPhone7) it doesn't resize properly.The url is; the iPhone view looks like this;iPhone ScreenshotIs there another setting I need to make?...Read more

SharePoint responsive design

I am hunting for some help to do sharepoint site responsive. I just started to look into css media queries but it did not work. Any thoughts on this.? I am adding simple<style>#customDiv {background-color: lightgreen;}@media screen and (max-width: 500px) {#customDiv{background-color: lightblue;}}</style>​​<div id="customDiv">​​​​ Resize the browserwindow. When the width of this document is less than 300 pixels, the background-color is "lightblue", otherwise it is "lightgreen". any inputs will be bette...Read more

¿Cómo repetir una imagen de fondo sobre el eje "Y" puesta en un div contenedor al hacer responsive la página?

Buenos días, tengo el sitio Cuadernillo Latinbooks funcionando de manera correcta en el modo pantalla de escritorio, ahora estoy intentando hacer responsive el sitio, pero no encuentro la manera de poder aplicar el mismo fondo a todo cuando paso a tamaño dispositivo. Actualmente el fondo se encuentra en un div que contiene todo el sitio y está con position:absolute. La idea es hacer que el mismo fondo se repita verticalmente hasta cubrir todo el alto de la página de manera automatica segun la resolución de cada dispositivo....Read more

responsive - Проблема с respond.js в ie8

Подключаю в <head>:<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script src="./js/respond.min.js"></script><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="css/media-queries.css" />В ие8 не подключается. Выдает:отказано в доступеrespond.min.jsкод: 0Уже и в конце документа подключал перед </body>, и заливал respond.min.js на ФТП и подключал от туда. Осел упорно не сдается (...Read more

responsive - GIF ответ сервера

Заметил, что Яндекс.Метрика (да и Google Analytics тоже) отвечает сайту gif изображением 1x1 px (?!). Что это такое? "Трюк" с html?ЗапросGET /webvisor/32138055?rn=680591080... HTTP/1.1Host: someuaCookie: somecookieОтветHTTP/1.1 200 OKServer: nginx/1.8.1Content-Type: image/gifContent-Length: 43Connection: keep-alive*некоторые заголовки убрал специальноДлина ответа данных 43b? Но ответ пуст!(или заполнен пробелами?!). Прошу объяснить, что это такое....Read more

responsive - Framework или и без него обойдемся?

Меня мучает со вчерашнего дня один вопрос. Вот возмем фрейм Bootstrap. Я хочу создать отзывчивый дизайн. Так для его создания если я буду использовать % и media queries, то это будет равносильно бутстрапу? Я именно про responsive design. Про фишки и достоинства бута не будем решать и оглашать. Так в чем будет превосходство/отличие "Bootstrap" от "% + Media Queries"?...Read more

responsive - Force minimum site width for mobile devices

A client has a site using a responsive theme and they want to disable the mobile version, so that mobile visitors will see the tablet version but zoomed out.I have attempted to simply alter the breakpoints that apply to mobile visitors, but by the theme developers own admission due to how the style sheet is set up this is very complicated and time consuming.So I have started looking for a more straightforward way of doing this by forcing a minimum window size for mobile visitors. Possibly with a function that detects if the browser width is und...Read more