responsibilities - Compound used in publication

There is a paper in which the authors find a compound that is antimicrobial. I would like to experiment with it (I haven't yet asked the authors for it), but I'm anticipating the worst, that is that they will refuse. What can be done there? Are they obligated to provide the compound besides requesting being paid for postage and other expenses?...Read more

responsibilities - Does a contract matter

I have been in my current teaching/research position for 4 years. I have just been informed that my contract is research only. I think technically this means I don't have to be teaching. My School and HR want to issue a new contract (which I am sure will take months/years). I would prefer to be research only. I think if there was a screw up and I was listed as teaching only, getting moved to teaching/research would be a real fight with HR. Do I put up a fight about the change? To what extent do contracts matter?EDIT: I took the job with the exp...Read more

responsibilities - Responsibility for the performance of students

As an educator, how much responsibility do you place upon yourself for the performance of your students? Whether that be in the role of lecturer, TA, thesis supervisor, etc. Of course there are many factors that go into the performance of a student- though surely the role of teacher is at the heart of it. There will always be some students who will do well regardless of whom is teaching them, but in many cases, the influence of a teacher can be the difference between whether a student passes or fails, decides to major in the subject, pursue an ...Read more