Osclass how to make Required fields with a error message

I try to make some new required fields with a error message!But i don't find how to do this! I use ctg-housing themeThis is the code in my file:<div class="contact-us-your-name"> <label class="control-label" for="yourName"> <span class="required_fields">* </span> <?php _e('Your Name', 'ctg_housing'); ?></label><?php ContactForm::your_name(); ?></div><div class="contact-us-your-email"> <label class="control-label" for="yourEmail"> <span class="required_fields">* </span> ...Read more

required - require.js runtime error when importing angular 2

I'm trying to run a typescript project (I'm using vs2012) and to import angular 2.the projects is set to AMD module system and ECMAcript 5 In ts filed I'm importing the module:import ng2 = require('angular2/angular2');=> in js file it replaced to:define(["require", "exports"], function (require, exports) {And I'm getting this require.js runtime error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function (require, exports) { .... // code ....}Is anyone knows what the cause of it?Thanks a lot!Lior...Read more

required is not working

i am trying to set the required if there is no input, but it does not work.Even if there is no input the button works and does not show the required alert.How can i fix this issue, can someone help me to fix this !Html --<form id="searchform"> <div style="padding: 0px 10px 0px 0px;" class="col-md-3"> <input type="text" id= "nameSearch" name="nameSearch" class="form-control" required > </div> <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default" id="submitSearch"> <i class="fa...Read more

joomla2.5 - How to set a field required in joomla 2.5?

I have created a component. In this component I have created the form fields using xml file.In xml file I set the attribute required='required' of a text field and that field become a required field automatically.But Now I have a component which has created the form in a php file using html input tags. And now I want to make a textfield required in that form so how will I do this? As in the input tag I can't enter the required='required' attribute.So what should I do with this so that the textbox becomes a required field and without entering s...Read more