reptiles - Plausible reason why my reptilian humanoids would get rid of their acid spit reflex?

So, the Qualians are a species of reptilian humanoids, hailing from the tropical jungles of the planet Quails. They are a very aggressive species, and can be violent very often. Their technology is on par with the human race, and strangely, it appears the humans and Qualians technology progressed at similar levels. Anyway, the Qualians evolved form a species of tree dwelling lizards, called the Qualonas. They were often prey for bigger lizards, and had acidic spit that triggered when they were in a great moment of stress, like adrenaline for hu...Read more

space warfare - Advantages reptiles would have over humans in battle?

So, Von Neumann probe from the galaxy Andromeda is invading the Milky Way, and most species are getting their asses handed to them. A few planets have already come under the invaders control, and the United Terran Federation and Qualian Star Empire have teamed up to try and stop them from coming any closer to the inner galaxy. The great Qualian imperial armada and the entire UTF navy has set up blockades around the controlled planets, and have stationed men on planetary based. Which brings up a question. What advantages would a reptilian specie...Read more