reporting services - SSRS Iif Evaluates True and False

MSDN states that SSRS will evaluate both the true and false part of an Iif statement regardless of which one is returned. This seems to make Iif completely useless in regard to error avoidance. In other words, you cannot use Iif to skirt around an error, so essentially any operation you choose to include must always be valid regardless of the conditions. Honestly, what good is this?So my question is... Does SSRS have other ways of evaluating conditions besides Iif? Here is my example. I just want to be able to return Left without grabbing ...Read more

reporting services - Report Builder 3.0 SWITCH expression DEFAULT/ELSE

I am trying to display a different logo based on the users franchise number.Parameter = UserFranNrIf the value <> 99 and <> 87, then the embedded image to display is ID0. (Embedded image names are strings.)This works with nested IIFs but seems to be the right time/place to use SWITCH.(There is a strong possibility that more franchises will use their own logo in future.)=Switch (Parameters!UserFranNr.Value = "99","ID99",Parameters!UserFranNr.Value = "87","ID87","ID0")I have not found any documentation that explains how to implement a defau...Read more

reporting services - Can't get my conditional formatting correct for background color. I've done the math and my expression has to be flawed

I am creating a matrix as follows This is to show how many calls our IT Call Center receives, which building they are coming from and which times we receive the most calls. Here is what I'm getting when I run the report. My formula for the background color is as follows: =iif( Count(Fields!RequestNumber.Value)/Sum(Count(Fields!Day.Value)) < 0.016, "Lime" , iif( Count(Fields!RequestNumber.Value)/Sum(Count(Fields!Day.Value)) >= 0.016 AND Count(Fields!RequestNumber.Value)/Sum(Count(Fields!Day.Value)) <=0.04, "Yellow" , iif( Count(...Read more

reporting services - Report Builder 3.0 Cannot Connect to an HTTPS Hosted Report Server

So we have a 2012 R2 SSRS server (a couple actually). We go to disable HTTP access on the Report Manager and Web Service URL. Everything is dandy until we try to open Report Builder and connect to the report server at Its a no-go. We re-enable http on just the Web Service URL and then can connect to via Report Builder. Our friend Google does not seem to know the answer. Hoping someone smarter might? Error message below.I can confirm the server is up, the URL is correc...Read more

reporting services - SSRS Expression Field with Multi-value parameter embedded in IIf Statement

I am working on creating an expression to check the value of a parameter and then display a text field based upon the value of the passed in parameter. Here is my current code=IIf(Parameters!AssessmentType.Count = 3, "All Assessments",IIf(Parameters!AssessmentType.Count = 2, IIf(Parameters!AssessmentType.Value(0) = 2 AND Parameters!AssessmentType.Value(1) = 3, "Initial and Review Assessments", IIf(Parameters!AssessmentType.Value(0) = 2 And Parameters!AssessmentType.Value(1) = 4, "Initial and Closing Assessments", IIf(Parameters!AssessmentType.V...Read more

reporting services - SSRS Report Builder 3.0 Conditional Row Formatting

=IIF(Fields!statusID.Value = "In Progress", "Gold", "Silver"), IIF(Fields!statusID.Value = "Rejected", "Red", "Silver"), IIF(Fields!statusID.Value = "Completed", "Green", "Silver"), IIF(Fields!statusID.Value = "Archived", "Blue", "Silver")The above script is an effort of creating a conditional effect on rows in a report that I am building. The idea is of course to have the entire row of 13 columns to show a different color depending on the values caught from Fields!statusIDI have the condition set up under the properties of the report. My issue...Read more

reporting services - Sort columns in a different order from the group in SSRS matrix

I have a set of data like this:WITH t(stud_id, forename, surname, score) AS(SELECT 601, 'Ed','Brown',1UNION ALL SELECT 601, 'Ed','Brown',8UNION ALL SELECT 602, 'Jon','Green',5UNION ALL SELECT 603, 'Ali','Adams',5)SELECT * FROM tI want to produce a report in Report Builder with four columns: stud_id, forename, surname, total score.The total score is obtained by adding up the individual scores for each value of stud_id.I know how to do this with a matrix. I end up with three groups: stud_id, forename and surname, and then use SUM to get the total...Read more

reporting services - Export Report, excluding column

I created a report (via Report Builder 3.0), which I set to Group on specific Column.When Exporting to Excel, I set up the report to have each Group on different Sheet, with the name of each Sheet matching the value of the Group.My question is - how do I exclude the Grouped column from being added as a column on the Excel sheets.I obviously need to still have the same functionality, but don't need the actual column to show up.Any ideas?...Read more

reporting services - SSRS toggle only certain rows

Say I have got a table with two columns:The first one belongs to the parent row, the second one the child row. With generic data the output might look something like this: column1 column 2 1 a b 2 c d e 3 f gI have set the visibility of the child group (here in column 2) to be toggled by the values in the parent group (which here are in column 1).E.g., the values "c, d, and e" can be toggled by clicking a + sign next to "2".Now comes my problem:I would like ...Read more

reporting services - SSRS error. Browser doesn't load

I want to run SSRS reports on Internet Explorer browser. Link I use is http://ServerName/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx?ViewMode=ListBut when I run it, it doesn't load, it stays for a while as if it is loading. What can be the reason? Reports in browser worked about half a year without any problem. I understand that this information may not be enough, ask and I'll try to answer. Thanks in advance...Read more

reporting services - RDLC report: more than one page? Custom page breaks?

I have a Microsoft Reporting Services report (local report, VS2005) and am trying to produce a rather tricky report...I have two tables returned from a SQL query. The first is a master table that has a list of set ID's corresponding to sets of records in the second, and has a record set like so:+----------------------+| SetID |+----------------------+| 1 || 2 || 3 || ... || |The second table is a list of bjorks, let's call them. It look...Read more

reporting services - Are rectangles fixed height in RDLC reports?

I have an RDLC report with a sub-report that I want to be A4 paper in height. The number of rows in the sub-report may vary, so I placed the sub-report in a rectangle so that if the sub-report is short the rest of my report doesn't shrink. According to the documentation rectangles are fixed size. This works fine when I show the report on a web page, but when I run it in a ReportViewer in a WinForms app it shrinks!Is this a known problem and does anyone have any ideas about what to do about it?...Read more

reporting services - RDLC filtering nested tables

I am creating an RDLC report where the dataset consists of several datatables. There is one parent table and several child tables.What I would like to do is display relevant data from each child table for each row in the parent table.Here is a simplified example:table1 = "Purchase" has columns PurhcaseID, PurchaseNumber, PurchaseDatetable2 = "PurchasedItem" has columns PurchaseItemID, PurhcaseID, ItemDescriptionIn my RDLC, I have a Purchase table grouped on PurchaseDate and would like to display the PurchasedItems for each Purchase. The curre...Read more