rendering - How to get Vuforia working with AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer and SceneKit?

I am developing an Augmented Reality app using the Vuforia SDK. I am trying to use AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer and SceneKit for application rendering instead of raw OpenGL calls provided by Vuforia sample code.I got the AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer and SceneView working without Vuforia, i.e. I managed to draw 3D scene on top of camera video background. The code is at: func initViews() { let rootView = self.view let scnView = createSceneView()...Read more

rendering - DirectX 11 What is a Fragment?

I have been learning DirectX 11, and in the book I am reading, it states that the Rasterizer outputs Fragments. It is my understanding, that these Fragments are the output of the Rasterizer(which inputs geometric primitives), and in-fact are just 2D Positions(your 2D Render Target View)Here is what I think I understand, please correct me.The Rasterizer takes Geometric Primitives(spheres, cubes or boxes, toroidscylinders, pyramids, triangle meshes or polygon meshes) ( It then translates these ...Read more

rendering - SkiaSharp and GPU acceleration

I am evaluating SkiaSharp library (from nuget, version 1.59.3). Everything is rendered well. But it seems Skia is not using GPU for accelerated rendering. Windows 10 Task Manager doesn't detect any uses of GPU for my testing application. I am using next commands to create SKCanvas: using (SKBitmap bitmap = new SKBitmap(gWidth, gHeight, SKColorType.Bgra8888, alphaType)) using (SKCanvas canvas = new SKCanvas(bitmap)) { ... }Does GPU acceleration requires some special way to initialize SkiaSharp ?I have tried next command:GRContext context = GRCon...Read more

rendering - OpenSceneGraph - Cloack of Invisibility

I’m new using OSG and I’m having some issues trying to solve a problem.I’ve created a scene (a quad and two spheres, with a fixed background) and I’m trying to occlude one of the spheres with a transparent quad. I mean, to make a "Cloak of Invisibility" so I can see the background image through it, but not the sphere (or whatever in the projective line) that it’s behind it.I'm totally stuck as all the tests I've been doing haven't got me even close to what I want. I’d be really grateful if you could help me with this, any idea (or code!) would ...Read more

rendering - Importing obj and obj.mtl files in Maya

I have a mesh model in a .ply file, I have converted it to an obj and obj.mtl (material) file using an online converter ( When I load the obj file into maya I see none of the texture being rendered. I've done some googling and this seems like a common problem, but am yet to find a solution.Any help is appreciated.Thanks...Read more

rendering - PhantomJS render fails for a big page

When I take a screenshot of a webpage with PhantomJS 1.9.8, I have a test case where the output is always a zero size file. I tried several debugging options with page.onError, I see some errors related with Facebook plugins and scripts, but nothing very helpful...So when PhantomJS fails on rendering a page, is there a way to know what's going on above the status of the render() function?URL: more

Three.js - add shadows to area light using Deferred Rendering

I'm using WebGLDeferredRenderer for a simple scene (made by a cube simulating a room and two small cubes for testing shadows) but i can't show any shadows generated from the areaLight used in the scene!In this demo there are 3 area lights but none of them generate shadows over a single object (they just illuminate the "room").Is there any particular shader i can use to solve this problem? Or there any chance to cast shadow in deferred rendering? :)...Read more

Custom rendering with GPU, Direct3D or OpenGL

I have a Windows application that currently renders graphics largely using MFC that I'd like to change to get better use out of the GPU. Most of the graphics are straightforward and could easily be built up into a scene graph, but some of the graphics could prove very difficult. Specifically, in addition to the normal mesh type objects, I'm also dealing with point clouds which are liable to contain billions of Cartesian stored in a very compact manner that use quite a lot of custom culling techniques to be displayed in real time (Example). W...Read more

rendering - Displaying large VRML file

I've VRML file that is 4.2GB big (!) and consists of 10 different shapes.This is cloud of points (no edges or triangles).How can I display such a big object? Everything I've tried just freezes.Is there any tool I can use for point optimization in stream-like fashion?Without loading the whole file?...Read more

GitHub pages repository linked to a custom domain, but the content is not rendering

I've deployed my web site to GitHub pages and it worked perfectly with the GitHub URL. Then I configured my custom domain from Godaddy to my repository and I believe it's properly configured because when I go to my custom domain in the browser the title appears in the browser tab, however no content is being rendered on the screen. It's a blank page. Any guesses on what the problem could be is much appreciated. The domain name is ""...Read more

GPU with software rendering

As far as I understand it is GPUs job to render images and decide the values of the pixels to be displayed on the monitor. If i have a monitor connected to a GPU and i want to experiment with a software renderer, how is the work divided between GPU and the software renderer? I ask this because my monitor is still connected to the GPU, so the GPU must be transmitting the value of the pixels computed by the software renderer. But is it all that the GPU does? Is there a specific way of telling the GPU that "only pass on these values to the monito...Read more