remapping - How can I remap keys on a headless mac?

At the moment I'm remotely accessing my mac via logmein. I'm trying to remap Command to Control via system preferences. However every time I try to do this it keeps resetting to the default. As best I can tell this is because there is no keyboard plugged in. Is there some way to remap the keys without a keyboard?...Read more

remapping - Modifier keys settings does not work on login screen

I am using a PC keyboard and have to switch the Win (⌘ Cmd key) and the Alt (Opt key) for this to feel like a proper Apple keyboard. I have this remapped via System Preferences for my user account just fine.However, this remapping does not work on the login screen, everything seems to be reverted to as if I haven't done any remapping on the login screen.As I want to use the Cmd+Shift+Letter to select my face to login without having to touch the mouse it became annoying every time I had to re-remember that the remap only takes effect after I log...Read more

remapping - Mapping does not work with some characters in KeyRemap4Macbook

I want to map Option+Dot and Option+Comma to word-by-word movement in KeyRemap4Macbook. Option+Dot works but Option+Comma does not. Also using any other character such as W, V etc. instead of Comma does not work. They simply put the symbols normally mapped in keylayout file.Here are the mapping items:<item> <name>word movement right</name> <identifier>private.wordright</identifier> <autogen> --KeyToKey-- KeyCode::COMMA,ModifierFlag::OPTION_L, KeyCode::CURSOR_RIGHT,ModifierFlag::O...Read more