I need to currently match 00000012345 and 12345 in my DB search query.I am currently using following query:SELECT * FROM BPP.CHECK_REGISTER WHERE CHECK_NO like CONCAT('%',:checkNum)for searching but here % can mean any character other than 0 hence I have replaced this query with following:SELECT * FROM BPP.CHECK_REGISTER WHERE REGEXP_LIKE (CHECK_NO,'^(0*12345)$')but in this query I don't want to mention 12345 but mention it as a user entered parameter like the first query :checkNumHow do I rephrase the REGEXP_LIKE condition with only 2 argument...Read more

regexp like - Can we exclude match with few strings in oracle regexp_like()?

Background Knowledge:We can't use (?!) to exclude, since, regexp_like() doesn't support negative lookahead.I don't want to exclude using 'NOT REGEXP_LIKE()'[^] can negate a single character only but not a stringQuestion:Interested to know if we have any alternative to change the regular expression itself being passed to oracle regexp_like().Example scenario to explain:Regexp - "STANDARD.*TIME" when used in regexp_like() would match all time zones containing both words STANDARD and TIME. Say I want to exclude 'INDIAN STANDARD TIME', 'ATLANTIC ST...Read more