refinance - Does it cost extra to add my wife to the title and mortgage when refinancing?

I bought my house before marriage and had mortgage and title deed just on my name. I am planning to refinance my mortgage, and I have noticed that there are costs associated with the title. Since I am married now, I would like to add my wife to the title and the mortgage. Will there be additional costs adding her?Edit:I live in VA. She has the same credit score, rate wise, her score will not have any impact on the refinance....Read more

refinance - When will a lender pay the upfront costs of refinancing?

I have a 30 year fixed mortgage with an interest rate of 4.875%. I’ve only been paying it 4 months.Interest rates appear to be dropping, so a family member told me: Interest rates have been falling a little. You might want to start watching rates at various banks and mortgage brokers. There times when lenders will pay all or part of the up front costs to get new loans. Because they can sell them in the secondary market for a small profit and keep their employees busy. If for example you found a lower rate and could reduce your monthly payment...Read more

co sign - Why would a lender care who paid off a debt during a refinance evaluation?

We have a family member who had their father cosign a student loan for them that was recently paid off post their credit check on the father who is attempting to refinance their mortgage.The lender is asking for verification of who actually paid the loan, the father or the child. The child did in this case but I'm curious why that matters to them since the debt that would affect the debt to loan ratio is no more and they have been given documents that prove so much.Does it only matter because of the fact that it was paid off recently from the t...Read more

refinance - How can I get the car refinanced under my name if my girlfriend signed for the loan?

I was trying to get a car financed under my name and it turned out my girlfriend had much better credit than i did. She had a score of 826 and mine was like 560. So she signed on the loan solely under her name instead of mine, which saved us like $100 a month. I was wondering how I can refinance under my name with her as a cosigner later on or get the title under my name? I just want to find out how I can be safe if anything ever happens between us since I am making all the payments....Read more

refinance - Refinancing a previously paid in full auto loan, to similar terms as the original auto loan

Alright this is going to sound weird, I’m saying that because I haven’t been able to find the answer to this simply anywhere. In October my girlfriend desperately needed another car, hers had become unsafe to drive and I wouldnt let her drive it. Finally after having it shut off on the freeway going 75mph while i was driving i finally had enough and told her we needed something new. So she could have something reliable and I could well drive my car again. So we did some shopping, finally picked out a car she liked and ran into problems with fin...Read more