jwplayer - No sound when streaming mp4 file in red5 server

I installed red5 server is used for playback video. As oflademo page, I tried to playback video via .mp4 file. I uploaded file demo.mp4 to /usr/local/red5/webapps/oflaDemo/streams/In client, i used JWPlayer to play the videos via RTMP. Here is script to play the video demo.mp4<script type="text/javascript" src="jwplayer.js"></script><script type='text/javascript'> jwplayer('mediaplayer').setup({ 'bufferlength': '10', 'smoothing' : 'false', 'quality':'best', 'autostart':'true', 'icons': 'true', 'allowscrip...Read more

red5 oflaDemo RTMP stream URL?

I am setting up a screen sharing tool by creating a RTMP stream and broadcasting it via red5 server.I am using the oflaDemo and creating a stream in the name of screen_share. I succeeded in making it work in JWPlayer.I am trying to use broadcast to a mobile RTMP player app. To stream sample videos in oflaDemo, I used the URL rtmp://red5.myserver.com/oflaDemo/hobbit_v6.flv and it works.What will be the standard RTMP url for the screen_share stream ??I tried rtmp://red5.my_server.com/oflaDemo/screen_share and it does not work....Read more

red5 : how can i do Server side live streaming?

I am using red5 and flex combination for the microphone live streaming. Scenario is sending web client microphone stream to the server and play the stream on the server side. Similarly, doing the inverse i.e. sending microphone stream from the server to the client and play the stream on the client side. I have posted the similar query over the stack overflow the link is below: red5: how can i send microphone stream?I have got the client side code and I think it is also available on different blogs. But my problem is that how I write the code...Read more

Red5 demo apps showing error

I am getting following while connecting to red5 demo apps : NetConnection.Connect.Closed [WARN] [ConnectionChecker-1] org.red5.server.net.rtmp.RTMPConnManager - Connection GN0PSGBZE63TF has exceeded the max inactivity threshold of 60000 ms [INFO] [NioProcessor-5] org.red5.server.net.rtmp.RTMPMinaConnection - Connection is closed: [WARN] [NioProcessor-5] org.red5.server.net.rtmp.RTMPMinaIoHandler - Connection was not found for GN0PSGBZE63TF [ERROR] [RTMPConnectionExecutor-3] org.red5.server.service.ServiceInvoker - Method getApplic...Read more

how to upload .flv to remote red5 server LIVE in real time?

I want to do live webcast of some ceremonies. I can record .flv files using my webcam and ffmpeg software. Now, if I hire a red5 media server from some hosting company so that visitors can download from that website. Now my problem is how can I upload .flv files LIVE ( when video shooting is still in progress ) Please help how to achieve this...Read more

live streaming - Is using Kurento Media Server can provide me webcam broadcasting like Red5?

I am building a web-based project which has webcam one-way broadcasting part .(A user can open its own cam and some viewers can join its room to only view and listen).So i have decided to use Kurento Media Server(KMS) because of not having any experince with flash.My questions in my head:Do i need anything extra beside KMS to make a user broadcast webcam?Can Kurento provide me the live streaming to webpage?And What is the difference using Red5 or Kurento?Thanks in advance...Read more

red5 - Live Audio Streaming and Dynamically Generated Channels

I am looking into building a live streaming site enabling users to sign in, create their own channel, and then live broadcast audio to listeners. However, I don't really know where to get started.For example, how do I go about dynamically generating a permanent audio channel when a user signs up? What streaming software facilitates this process? I've looked into Wowza or Flash media server. Also Red5? But I understand it doesn't support streaming to mobile devices? Even Shoutcast or Icecast?Just trying to get pointed in the right direction. Rea...Read more

vlc - RTSP to RTMP using Xuggler and red5 - Out stream could not open in Container.cpp

My requirement is Streaming IPCamera RTSP stream to RTMP stream. I have setup a application using livemedia 555 + VLC + Red5 + Xuggler. I successfully multistreaming using vlc as sdp file in locally. Now the problem comes in red5 + xuggler sideI am using steamStream red5 application for restreming. The error is below[INFO] [NioProcessor-1] net.arulraj.ipcam.Application - SsPlaybackSecurity isPlaybackAllowed() called. name is: guest[INFO] [NioProcessor-1] net.arulraj.ipcam.Application - streamSubscriberStart() called... stream: 2d5fd53d-ab1d-46...Read more

Red5: save incoming stream

We use Red5 server for video broadcasting. But periodically we have some problems with it.Is it possible to save incoming Red5's video stream to file? It is useful to reproduce Red5 problems occurred during streaming....Read more

integrate red5 (red5-server-1.0.9-RELEASE) and Tomcat (tomcat8)

When I integrate red5 (red5-server-1.0.9-RELEASE) and Tomcat (tomcat8), I copy the configuration file, and the following questions arise. Who can help me, thanks?enter image description hereenter image description hereCaused by: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'default.context' defined in URL [file:/F:/apache-tomcat-8.0.45/webapps/red5/WEB-INF/classes/beanRefContext.xml]: Bean instantiation via constructor failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: Fai...Read more

How I can embed my code in red5 server?

I want to use JWT for generate token code in my Red5 server application.When I generate token code by JWT on local ,there is no mistake. When I embed my generate token code in Red5 server application,that show exception as follow:[ERROR] [RTMPConnectionExecutor-1] org.red5.server.net.rtmp.BaseRTMPHandler - Exceptionjava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/auth0/jwt/JWTSigner at org.red5.jwt.util.JWTUtil.<clinit>(JWTUtil.java:23) at org.red5.core.Application.connect(Application.java:68) at org.red5.server.scope.Scope.connect(Scope.java...Read more

Red5 Service Fails to Start on Win 10 - Incorrect Function

I installed Red5. Service installed ok, but when I manually try to start it, I get the following error in my Windows Event Log:"The Red5 Media Server service terminated with the following service-specific error: Incorrect function"In the commons-daemon.log, I see the following:[2017-05-17 20:36:54] [info] [11044] Starting service...[2017-05-17 20:36:54] [error] [11044] Failed creating java[2017-05-17 20:36:54] [error] [11044] ServiceStart returned 1[2017-05-17 20:36:54] [info] [13816] Run service finished.[2017-05-17 20:36:54] [info] [13816...Read more

Red5 demos not working

I have checked the similar question here but that doesn't solve my problem.I have recently installed Red5 1.0 RC3 version for Windows/Java 7 successfully. But I am unable to install the demos. It returns the following debug messages:Host: localhostTrying to connectNet status: NetConnection.Connect.SuccessGot the server java version: 1.6Got the application listAsync Error: [AsyncErrorEvent type="asyncError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2095" error=ArgumentError: Error #1063]Got an alert: Application oflaDemo was not i...Read more

Red5 Application fails to connect

I am attempting to run a basic application on Red5 that just makes an attempt to connect to the red5 server (on localhost). The source for this application is below:import org.red5.server.adapter.ApplicationAdapter;import org.red5.server.api.IConnection;import org.red5.server.api.scope.IScope;// import org.red5.server.api.service.ServiceUtils;/*** Sample application that uses the client manager.* * @author The Red5 Project (red5@osflash.org)*/public class Application extends ApplicationAdapter {/** {@inheritDoc} */@Overridepublic boolean connec...Read more