recruitment - State and Federal tax will be paid by the company

Recruiter said that my rate is too high and proposed low rate, but they pay my taxes: Rate of $xx/Hr on W2(State and Federal tax will be paid by the company)I asked does it mean that I get these money without any deductions. He said "yes".It's W2 contract in US.Can it be true?How I can be sure that when I complete my taxes, it will not be required to pay all these taxes?...Read more

recruitment - Recruiter or the company's application webpage?

I was recently contacted by a recruiter who asked for a phone conversation to see if I'm interested in working for a company as a xyz.Afterward, I looked at the company's website and found a relevant position being advertised there. I already scheduled a phone conversation with the recruiter, but I was wondering if it's a better idea to apply for the position through the company's website?Or is there any general benefit in proceeding with a recruiter?...Read more

recruitment - Pass on medical information about a job new applicant?

I'm working in a small team at a (growing) startup,and have been asked about a developer applying who worked at my previous company. He started after I left, so I didn't get to know him personally. However, I get on well with my former colleagues and had met them occasionally, so I'd heard some rumors.So I got in touch, and now found out that person has narcolepsy. I am not sure this will work out well at my company, but I've noticed he does not seem to have informed them of this condition. Which is probably fair enough, given there hasn't even...Read more

recruitment - An external consultant working on an internal project tried recruiting me. Should I tell my manager?

I am currently employed at company X. For a big project, I asked my manager if we could get some external consulting to provide some help and best-practices. Management agreed, and now we have an external consultant (working at company Y) a few days per week working with me on the project for the coming month.A few days after our kick-off meeting, I was approached by a colleague of the consultant via e-mail, showing interest in my profile, and inviting me for a talk about a job opportunity. I politely declined.Again a few days later, the extern...Read more

recruitment - Can a recruiter tell my company I am looking for a new position?

I am in a small city of France and I fear that there are not that many recruiters out there. One of the recruiters is the one who found me my current company. I am not ready to let my company know I am opened for new opportunities. I know that the recruiter is still in touch with my company. Will he keep it confidential if he finds me in the potential candidates on some job portal? What if I apply for one of his jobs?...Read more

recruitment - How do I poach a Manager, after I step into their store?

I own a fashion store in Hong Kong. In my experience, I need just 2 other employees if they have (Assistant) Manager experience. 1 year ago, they quit and decided to leave HK. Now only I'm left. I'm desperate for candidates — I'm overworked!I spent $30,000 USD on job posting sites and recruitment agencies, but nobody with experience as Manager applied. I'm recompensing lavishly — see point 3 beneath. Thus I'm wondering — walk into and poach competitor stores in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long!Assume I can't see who's Manager, or if they're on duty. Ob...Read more

recruitment - Annoying Recruiters

I am looking for a job, so I apply for jobs in one jobs websites in Australia.What I have realized is that I get many calls from recruiting agents, asking me many questions (it takes around 15 min conversation) and at the end there is no job opportunity.The conversation goes mainly about my existing work, number of employees, my manager title, etc. and at the end, they tell me about a role that is totally not suitable for me at all; and they know that from the beginning.After having many of these conversation, I found out that they just collect...Read more

recruitment - How to deal with a potential turf war between three recruiters for the same job?

I was looking for a job in software development and I was pleased when in one day I had three potential phone interviews with the promise of emails containing job spec, company spec etc from the recruiters. The jobs and companies sounded similar but different enough that I was not suspicious.HOWEVER!When I started to receive these emails I discovered that all 3 were for the same job for the same company. I was not sure how to deal with this as each of the three recruiters had a form to sign that stated that only they would represent me to this ...Read more

recruitment - Is it OK to meet with outside recruiters when I'm happy with my current job

We live in an age where professional recruiters have a lot of resources to track down candidates with precisely the qualifications they need. LinkedIN has expedited this with smart algorithms to connect recruiters to potential candidates with keywords and mutual interests.I am currently happy with my job. I do, however receive messages from recruiters regularly on my LinkedIN account and email. These messages usually go along the lines of: Hi there, I wanted to get in touch to discuss about your current work situation and future opportunities....Read more

recruitment - Applying for job with recruiter who is on retainer with current company

Im interested in a job on the market through a recruiter.The recruiter is the one who placed me in my current role 5 years ago.They also are on retainer with my current company, they are the recruiters my company approaches when we have a vacancy to fill.Im worried that the recruiter will inform my current company i have been enquiring about other roles. The recruiter is after all paid a lot by my current company, it could be in their interests to inform of such events.Is there a significant risk of the recruiter in this situation?...Read more

recruitment - Offered a contract job with no interview?

Got offered a job as a contractor without talking to the actual client. The client is a really big company. It all seems a bit too good to be true, is there anyway to verify. Events:Saw an advert online with a recruiter. Called the company to get the name of the person for the covering letter. Spoke to the person in charge of the job and sent my CV with a covering letter. Had a couple of phone calls to discuss my experience and the role. Got told they would put my name forward for the job. Two days later I had a Skype call with the recruiter, w...Read more

recruitment - How to extract objective answers from recruiters

This week, I reached out to a LinkedIn, connected and then followed-up via email to discuss my background. I had identified a role that I was interested in, but had not officially applied for the role. I have been following an approach of speaking with the recruiter, where possible, before applying for the role to better understand the role/responsibilities and the recruiting process.My first email contact to the recruiter went unanswered, since the recruiter was out of office (I got an out of office message). I then followed again this week (a...Read more

recruitment - This Recruiter wants my Social Security Number?

There's this really aggressive recruiter trying to get me for a job that sounds pretty good, is local, pays about right... and has sent me two voicemails and an email in the last 24 hours. Okay, whatever, he's trying to do his job. So, I go to fill in the stuff he wants, and...... they're asking for my SSN right on their 'initial applicants' form. I don't care if it's a 'secure' form, it's still a required field to fill out, and it's setting off all my red flags.I'm half tempted to approach the hiring company myself -- the guy already told me w...Read more

recruitment - Recruiter demanding I sign dodgy paperwork after joining job

I recently got a job through a recruiter. Everything has been going well and I've been completing my tasks on time or before. The recruiter who got me the role is working with my employer on a part time basis. He's responsible for hiring over half of the team, and occasionally pops in to the office. Yesterday he sent me over a contract which has some weird clauses. For example, it states I have to keep him informed of any technical solutions I make during my time at the company, technical details and such. Also, that he partially owns the produ...Read more

recruitment - Should I help my former employer advertise my old job?

A few months ago, I left a small software development company for another (based in the UK). I was leaving for better career development and exposure to new technology that the first company simply could not provide. Nevertheless, with my colleagues and managers, we parted ways on good terms.Nowadays, I know from my friends still in the company that they are struggling to find a replacement for me, the explanations for this are never given by the managers conducting the interviews - what few they arrange - and I felt it was inappropriate for me...Read more