recordset - MS Access: Can the Unbound-continous form shows blank row like the bound form?

i'm trying to build a main/sub-form that get data from user and save them to two tables. "Save" should be done ONLY when a "save button" is clicked.I've tried the "bound forms" but they insert data to tables when they loose i'm trying the "unbound forms" using "recordset".My question is: Can the "unbound sub form" shows a new-blank row when (lets say) last field in the current row is updated with data ?Same as bound continuous form doesThank you!...Read more

hp quality center - HPQC - RecordSet Not Displaying All Data

I am using HP (Microfocus) Quality Center 12.5 and designed a button using the toolbar in Workflow.The following code pulls the first value from the RecordSet but not all values. How do I pull all values from the RecordSet and display it? Sub searchDefects() On Error Resume Next Dim a a = InputBox("Enter search query")set TD1 = TDConnectionset com1 = TD1.commandcom1.CommandText = "Select BG_BUG_ID FROM BUG WHERE BG_DESCRIPTION LIKE '%" &a &"%'"set rec1 = com1.ExecuteDim iDIM msgmsg = ""rec1.First For i = 0 to rec1.RecordCount ...Read more

ms access 2010 - dao recordset updating the wrong record

I'm trying to have a form usable for both creating a new record or updating another. Currently it is doing it through the value of a textbox (new or edit). The structure works fine, but for some reason, when it is performing the edit function, it is saving changes to the wrong record. For instance, if I am editing record 1027, when i submit it, it'll update record 1073. Its consistent, it'll always update the same, wrong record. Edit 1000, it'll update 1073; if i update 1081, it'll update 1073, and so on. Is there a way to specify which record ...Read more

How to get data out of a recordset in excel?

I have the following code:Dim cn As ObjectDim rs As ObjectDim strSql As StringDim strConnection As StringDim AppPath As StringSet cn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")AppPath = Application.ActiveWorkbook.PathSet rs = CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")strConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;" & _ "Data Source=" & AppPath & "\Masterlist_Current_copy.accdb;"strSql = "SELECT [Neptune Number],[Description],[Manufacturer],[Manufacturer P/N] FROM [All Components];"cn.Open strConnectionSet rs = cn.Execute(strSql)'Need Code here t...Read more