AWSTATS issue : all records dropped

I have a problem when using AWSTATS to analyse my apache logs.In the past everything worked well.But now the log format has changed for my server.Old format example: - - [14/Dec/2009:12:23:33 +0100] "GET /gPM-Systems/css/default.css HTTP/1.1" 404 1036New format example: 356652,mics,,,-,[05/Jul/2011:15:11:18 +0200],"GET /index.html HTTP/x.x",302,-For the old format the good LogFormat to choose was 4.Now it is this custom format: LogFormat="%other %other %host %other %logname %time1 %methodurl %code"I a...Read more

records - How to fix this Purescript error: Could not match {...} with (...)?

I have a state for a halogen component including a lens like this:import Optic.Core (Lens', lens)type State = { userName :: String , password :: String , formError :: String }_userName :: Lens' State String_userName = lens _.userName (\r str -> r { userName = str })And I want to modify the state in the eval function of the same component like this:eval :: forall eff. Query ~> ParentDSL State Query UserNameField.Query Slot Void (Aff (console :: CONSOLE , ajax :: AJAX | eff))eval = case _ of HandleInput userName next -> do ...Read more

Alternative to Elm record extension

I am trying to migrate a library from Elm 0.15 to 0.16. The record extension mechanism has been removed.My library offers physics calculations on bodies (represented as record), and uses record extension to allow users to add labels and other metadata about the bodies.My example code shows this use by adding a label to all the bodies after their creation:labeledBodies = map (\b -> { b | label = bodyLabel b.restitution b.inverseMass }) someBodiesThis list of labeled bodies is also passed to the library: main = scene (run labeledBod...Read more

type kinds - Records in PureScript

I don't quite understand why this works:module Records wheretype Element e = { element :: String, label :: String | e }type Sel = ( value :: Number, values :: [Number] )type Select = Element Selwhile this says Cannot unify # * with *.module Records wheretype Element e = { element :: String, label :: String | e }type Sel = { value :: Number, values :: [Number] }type Select = Element Sel(Note the '()' around the right hand side of Sel instead of the '{}'.)I've read here that forall...Read more

railroads - Why were there no increases in the train speed records between 1854-1934?

I and a couple other people were doing some stuff with some speed record data. Organizing the data, making some graphs, etc.While doing the train speed records, though, we noticed an oddity. For some reason, there's an 80 year gap between when one record was set - 1854 - and when it was broken - 1934. The records go:46 km/h (29 mph) 182948 km/h (30 mph) 183096.6 km/h (60 mph) 1848125.6 km/h (78 mph) 1850131.6 km/h (82 mph) 1854-06 166.6 km/h (104 mph) 1934-07-20168.5 km/h (105 mph) 1935-03-05This... doesn't really match the distr...Read more

Process huge no of records

I have developed a web application using spring mvc framework. My concern is I need to display huge no of records say around 100,000.What would be the best approach to display those many no of records in UI....Read more

records - GridControl Refresh

I have a grid control in vfp9 on a form. And I have a button witch deletes (with pack) the current record. After I delete the record the grid doesn't find the resource. It remains only an empty rectangle.I maked something like this:DELETE ALLPACK GO TOP thisform.grid1.Refresh,but without effect. Thanks in advance....Read more