suspend - NVIDIA DevBox with Ubuntu 16.04 and 4.4.0-137-generic kernel randomly reboots and automatically shuts down overnight

I've recently stated using an NVIDIA DevBox that has an ASUS bios, with ther kernel version and ubuntu version mentioned above. For some reasons the machine can't really be left on overnight, as it is usual with other laptop and/or computer machines: where you can just leave it on it will lock itself after a couple of minutes and/or go into sleep mode -- and the next day once you move your mouse or type something in your keyboard the computer 'unsuspends' or wakes up and you have all your programs on and running just how you left them the previ...Read more

CoreOS after some reboot can't load etcd unit with user_data config

I'm trying CoreOS(version 410.0.0 stable) that was installed on disk with this cloud-config. All work fine at first boot, but after some days and some reboots the problem was presented with etcd. When I start the machine the output generate message like:Failed to start Load cloud-config from /var/<some output lines>Failed to start Login serviceThen when I'm try to login valid user, the console output it's:CoreOS(stable)Failed Units: 1 user-cloudinit@var-lib-coreos\x2install-user_data.servicedevops@deis-server2~$At this point the system...Read more

Music stored on the External SD Card is removed from playlists at reboot

So I'm getting a really frustrating issue happening with my phone wherein any .mp3 files stored on my external SD card are removed from their playlists whenever I restart my phone. Any music stored on the internal phone storage still remains in the playlists but everything else gets cleared out of them. I've taken a look into the Media Store's SQL logs and found this:Basically, I cleared the Media Store's data to reset the Android media database, then I rebooted. On the first reboot, all my playlists displayed perfectly (external SD music AND i...Read more

reboot - Optimizing Apps: Why?

I have a Kyocera Hydro View. Every time I restart my phone, it tells me that Android is optimizing apps. This takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, and sometimes prevents me from using the phone when I need to use it.What is Android doing, and why does it need to do it so often?...Read more

reboot - Does logcat dump debug logs while it isn't expressly running?

my android device reboots itself automatically sometimes,so i need to get a way to debug whats causing that.i know about logcat,but what about the debug msgs when logcat isnt running,does logcat gives a dump of logs that android device would be generating while those were not being accessed through logcat?generally this happens when ur device reboots unexpectedly,and the cause is unknown so that one could replicate to know of whats causing those reboots.. or anything that happens while logcat isnt running?Any thoughts?...Read more

reboot - Android PandaBoard: Linux terminal output for debugging?

My research team is currently considering investing in a PandaBoard for Android b/c we are developing a custom kernel/sys-image and would like Linux terminal output.Does the Pandaboard give me booting information? Such as printing kernel messages to the Linux terminal as the board loads up the system image? So for example, if the phone crashes, I can at least see how far the phone made it in the boot process....Read more

reboot - Android boot-up messages for debugging?

I am trying to figure out if Android (i.e. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and/or Motorola Xoom) come with some sort of capability to produce a "boot-up" log. (kind of like Linux boot-up screen) It would be immensely helpful in figuring out how far one's phone gets in the boot stages before it crashes (such as first-stage bootloader, main bootloader, then kernel loading, etc.). Does anyone know how to enable the phone to spit out this log file or enable a "verbose" boot-up mode (and print actual messages to the terminal of the Linux computer you have...Read more

reboot - Incorrect System Uptime

Recently, in an Oracle Linux (either 6 or 7) based virtual machine, I faced any issue where system uptime was apparently wrong.# who -b system boot 2019-07-24 13:21# last rebootreboot system boot 3.8.13-44.1.4.el Wed Jul 24 13:21 - 23:24 (10:03) wtmp begins Wed Aug 22 11:09:06 2018# hwclock --show Wed 24 Jul 2019 11:26:11 PM CEST -0.956063 seconds# uptime 23:24:36 up 10:03, 3 users, load average: 0.63, 0.51, 0.68# cat /proc/uptime36320.87 267407.58The system was indeed rebooted at 13:21 which is correctly listed in "who -b" but s...Read more

How can I reboot my phone without the power or volume buttons?

Title is pretty self-explanatory. My phone's power and volume buttons don't work. The home button does. It's a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus.This phone has always had a tendency to crash unless rebooted occasionally. Now that the power button doesn't work, I won't be able to turn the phone on if it crashes and shuts down. I've taken a complete backup, but I'd still like to continue using the phone for as long as possible. In order to prevent the inevitable crash, I'd like to reboot the phone every so often. How can I do so?...Read more

reboot - restart Android phone when power button stopped working

The power button on my Nextbit Robin has stopped working. After some investigation, it would appear that the volume down button doesn't work, either, so, I'm 99% certain that it's a software issue (related to taking a screenshot?); however, in the unlikely 1% chance, I don't want to just shut it down (through battery drain?), as it might not turn back on again if the issue is hardware related instead (whereas if I leave it as-is, it might as well last for a while as long as it never gets into a shutdown state).It's possible to wakeup the phone...Read more

How to fix Phones language resetting to SIM language after reboot?

I recently got a new phone, a Landvo XM100 Plus.It sometimes reboots randomly which doesn't bother me much, but what's annoying is that it keeps setting the system language to german. I did not have these issues on my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3), and I don't have the problem when there is no SIM Card inserted. However, I'm using the same SIM that I used in my old phone, so I'm really confused as to what is going on.I tried googling the issue and I ended up at a few different boards with everyone basically scratching their heads.Any ideas?Coul...Read more

htc one m8 - HTC One M8 overheating, random reboots and unable to power it off

Last night I forgot to charge my HTC One M8 phone, and when I woke up in the morning, the battery was dead, Unsurprisingly. I plugged it in to charge for about 20 minutes (only to about 30% or so charge) and then left my house (with my phone in my pocket). The device was off during charging, and I only turned it on about an hour ago, putting it back in my pocket after seeing that it booted fine (and that I had about 30% charge left). About 15 minutes ago, I noticed the device against my leg getting very hot, and pulled it out to see the "HTC On...Read more

upstart - Simplest way to make a command run after system reboot

I have a server which exists to run one little Django application. If the server reboots, I want Django to start again:nohup /opt/myapp/ runserver ...I'm having trouble finding a simple way to make this run. There are tutorials explaining how to write full-fledged services, runlevels, init.d etc. But there must be a simpler way? A place where I can hack this one extra line onto?EDIT Mark's answer is perfect, the one-liner works out as:sudo sed --in-place '/^exit 0/i\cd /opt/appdir\npython runserver .... &' /etc/rc.local...Read more